Heron Cross Stitch – Progress 4

Making good progress on this. The heron cross stitches are all done, but I still have to do the top stitching. I’ll do that last after I’m finished with all the cross stitches.


The darker shade of blue is complete on the left side of the heron and I’ll work today to complete the lighter blue as well. On the right side there are still a few flowers to stitch and then all the blue around it. The frame needs to be finished and then you’ll be able to see that there is a lot of white space above the heron. I hope I have it completed by the end of the year. I’ll post as soon as it’s done.

Grieg by Dakota Rogers – Progress 1

I’ve started a new project (and I know I shouldn’t since I have so much going on already). I’ve wanted to do this piece for years so I’m happy to get it underway. I actually had everything in my stash except the Watercolors. The colors will work well with our master bedroom and I’m going to finish it as a stand-up piece when it is done. I’m outlining it brown as I go and will back it with brown fabric.

You start by tracing the shape of the cat onto your Congress Cloth and then stitching the head.

Grieg -1

Then you start to work on the body of the cat. Your first stitch is a very large Rhodes stitch in Kreinik braid – in the center of the body, but off to one side a little. The diagrams for stitches are excellent, and she starts you out telling you the first few steps. You decide which thread and color you want to use for each step. That way your cat doesn’t look exactly like anyone else. After you’ve done about 6 steps, she turns you loose to design and stitch on your own. I’ve been looking at the large photo of the body to decide how to proceed so far and I’ve changed colors from those she chose for each of the steps so far. I’m using the colors she has listed but changing things up a little. The large Rhodes stitch was done in blue in the model and I’m chosen to use a bronze color instead.


It’s going to be a fun stitch, but I’m putting it away for a few weeks now. I have other things to finish up and this will be my incentive to get things done so I can get back to it.

Threedles 2012 Ornaments All Finished

I finally got brave and finished off these 4 little ornaments. The designer, Kurdy Biggs, put a styrofoam block wrapped in batting inside to keep the shape. I made a little box from TimTex instead. Once I got started, they moved quickly. I had already made the little boxes and the cording for the hanging.


The three for my granddaughters are 2 inches square. The little one (done on Congress Cloth) for our small tree is about one and a half inches. It’s two of the patterns for a two-sided ornament. I want to find little boxes to put them in to mail them. That way they will have a safe box to put them away each year and keep them from snagging.

While I was cutting TimTex, I got out some other projects I’ve done over the years and will get them finished to hang up around the house. AND I cut TimTex for the 3D Train Station. I’m hoping to work on getting that put together over the next week or so. Should be quite a challenge.

Heron Cross Stitch – Progress 3

I haven’t been working on this, but have now decided that I want it done by the end of the year. I’m a little over halfway done on this 5 X 7 project. I’ve been calling it the blue heron, but when I started stitching the actual heron, it calls for 5 shades of gray. Oh well…


The space around the top of the heron is mostly unstitched, so I’m hoping I can get this done in the next few weeks. The only top stitching is on the heron itself, so that won’t be done until the very end. All the flowers on the left side are now done and only a few more to go on the right side. So it’s mainly just the heron to stitch. He’s about a third done at this point. With a rainy weekend forecast for us here in Northern California, I hope to get lots of stitching done.

Border Rug – Progress 15

Life has gotten in the way for the last week or so, but I’ve finally got the center of this rug completed. It’s just about 5 inches deep – 64 threads. The inside of the large diamonds were filled in with all the colors of the rug using Smyrna Crosses. The red background is the lightest of the 4 burgundy shades I’m using for this rug. The stitch is Milanese. All the Milanese stitches slant away from the center. I’m glad to be past the halfway mark at long last!


I won’t show this rug very often now, since there will be nothing new to show you. Just an occasional post when I have two or more of the bands done. There are 6 bands I need to repeat on the top half of the rug, plus the outer border all the way around. It’s still going to take some time to finish. This is the slowest rug I’ve ever stitched, but since it’s just for me it isn’t a problem. Here is the whole rug so far:

Border - Prog15

I have my Ott lamp close to the rug so the colors will show up well. It seems it was too close to the top part of the rug and the red in the center looks much lighter than is really is. The photo of just the center band is a better color representation of this Bordeaux color from Silk & Ivory.

Jim Wurth’s Coronation – Finale

With the ornaments for my granddaughters completed, it was time to get the last of Jim Wurth’s Dodecagons done too. And here it is:

Coronation Finale

This was supposed to be done on red canvas and I mixed up the last two ornaments. So this is done on the black canvas. I’m upset with myself for mixing them up since you really can’t see the red Kreinik 4-Way stitch that fills in the center section and the Smyrna Crosses that fill in each Jessica. But it is still dramatic as it is. So I’ll live with it. LOL

Many have asked how these will be finished and now that all 12 are done, it’s time to work that out. While my DH and I were talking about it yesterday, I had a great idea! We don’t do a big tree anymore – no kids around at Christmas and we live in a small townhouse. That means that these 5 inch ornaments can’t go on the tree. So what about making a tree out of the ornaments and putting it up on the wall for everyone to see? I did a rough cut around each ornament this morning and laid them out on the floor for a quick photo.

Wurth tree

I’m going to finish them myself as “round” ornaments and no hanger. Looking at the photo, I think the two ornaments that are white/gold/silver should be the trunk of the tree. But that decision can be made later. We’ll also have to figure out how to hang them – mount them on a cloth and hang, wood tree-shaped piece, etc. But I do like the idea. What do you think?

Father Christmas and Cats – Hat Done!

It’s been three Sundays since I posted last, but the hat is finally done!

FatherC-Hat done

I really look forward to stitching on this on Sundays now! The bottom edge of the hat is kind of ragged, but that’s because his hair, etc will be starting now. The tiny light colored section on the very left is the beginning of his ear. Will have to print out more of the pattern in order to continue next Sunday. If I want to work on this at all during the week, it will be filling in the background some more. During the World Series, I worked on the background on the left side of the hat and added a section 40 stitches by 20 stitches. I’ll work on the right side now to get closer to the right side margin. (90 more stitches on the left to reach the margin and 130 stitches to the right to reach the margin)

Hope everyone else is stitching away and having a good time as well.