Hometown Holiday’s Toy Store – Progress 1

I taking a break from the larger projects for a few weeks and am working on smaller things that can be done in a short time. First up is the Toy Store from Hometown Holiday. I have the building done now. It looks like it’s tilting a little – probably from my counting wrong on the top floor of the building and having to rip it all out and redo it over the weekend.

Toy Shop-1

I’ve started on the first of the upstairs windows so I will get them done next. Then on to the rest of the store and trees around it. I hope to finish it by the end of the week.

I also have the newest addition to the series – the Village Church. So that might be the next next little project.

Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 23

I didn’t get the dome and minarets finished. I haven’t had as much time to stitch upstairs. I finished the dark blue Woven stitch above the front panels, added rows of gold and turquoise cross stitches, and completed the dark teal Rhodes stitches above that. The top of the dome goes quickly. I only have the very top left to do and then add a dark gold around the edges of the dome.


It won’t take long to get the dome finished, maybe an hour or so. The minarets have a LOT of color changes and that takes time. I’m trying to do the little bits of minaret as I finish using each color on the dome. I should still be done in just a few more days. Then I can start working on the buildings on the right side of the mosque.

Norfolk Diligence Sampler – Progress 3

This first photo is the 5 large vowels that are in the center of Band 1. That’s the strangest A I’ve ever seen. LOL These were stitched with the Algerian Eye stitch. I’ve done lots of Algerian Eyes before, but not like this. You do the first stitch to the center and then the opposite stitch to make a long slanted line. You can’t pull the thread, like I’m used to, to make a hole in the center. But they look nice.


I’ve also completed the first repeat of the border that will go down the sides and across the bottom.

NF Sampler-3

I’ll complete the first band by stitching the other cluster of leaves and rosebuds. I’d like to add the first repeat of the outer border on the right side as well. Then I need to figure out the stitch that is used to separate the bands before I can start on Band 2. Right now this piece is 10 inches wide and just over 2 inches long. I have a long ways to go, but I’m enjoying it very much.

Norfolk Diligence Sampler – Progress 2

All the little boxes for the checkerboard section of the outer border have been completed. Yeah! The sampler is 17 inches long, and the rest of the border along the sides and across the bottom will be a dark blue with flowers. I’ll have some of that done by the next time I show you the sampler. The little rosebud on the left was stitched last week as an incentive to get the checkerboard section done so I could start on the first band of the sampler.

NF Sampler-2

The first band has a group of leaves and rosebuds on the left and right. The center is a set of large letters done in Algerian Eyes. That’s what I’ll be working on for the next couple of weeks. And I’m very happy to say that I am having NO trouble at all stitching over 2 on 40 ct. linen. Linen no longer intimidates me. LOL

Gossamer Fractal Cross Stitch – Progress 8

Along with cutting down on projects, I still need to get some WIPs done. So I got out the fractal to see if I could get it completed this year. This is where I was the last time I showed it to you – February of last year.


And this is where it is today – with the top of the piece completed!

Gossamer-8I still don’t like the brown and white lines on the right – just before the large section of dark browns. I keep thinking I should tear out part of it and redo it so it looks better. We’ll see. I’ve started the next section of the middle of the design. By the time I show this to you again, I’ll have part of the off-white ring that goes around the center of the design done. It’s going very slowly since this is a section that has no more than 3-4 stitches of any one color together. Lots of colors that have just 1 or 2 stitches in the square. But I’m working on it two mornings a week and am determined to get it finished.


Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 21

Still making progress. The carpet leading up to the mosque now has all its beads.

Buildings on the left – top stitching done between the arches and windows just above that are started, purple dome is done, little square where the two sets of buildings  meet now has beads

Mosque – minaret on the right is done to match the one on the left, and the area above the tiled doorway is being stitched.


I want to finish all the gold top stitching on the buildings to the left of the mosque before I show you this piece again. I’m also hoping to have the bottom of the mosque done and maybe the gold top stitching. I doubt that I’ll have time to get to the dome, but I’ll try. Here is the whole piece so far.


Introducing Norfolk Diligence Sampler

This is one of the projects I’m working on – a new project. This sampler is designed by  Theresa M. Baird. I’ve looked at hundreds of samplers in the last year or two and this is the one I fell in love with.


I’m stitching it with one strand of Needlepoint Inc. silk – over two threads on 40 ct French Vanilla linen by R & R.


The checkerboard section across the top of the sampler is now half done. It’s just over 5 inches wide right now. The little dotted line at the top, right marks the center of the design. So I treated myself with a few stitches in another color – the outline of the main part of the sampler. I only work on this a little at a time so you won’t see it too often.

Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 20

I’ve been working on the door to the mosque over the last two weeks.  There are three layers of different colors around the outside of the door. Then I stitched Rhodes stitches in very dark blue around the inside. The last layer was Algerian Eyelets in teal. I’ve started filling in the center section with a very dark turquoise. I did not do any beads, which I promised myself I would do. Oh well.


I’ll finish the center of the door and add the steps that lead up to the door next. The sections at the top of the door (the triangle shaped areas) are a tile design, stitched over one thread. I want that finished before I show this to you again as well. And I need to get part of the beading done on the carpet leading up the mosque as well. If I have time, maybe I can get some of the gold top stitching done on the buildings to the left of the mosque. No promises on that.

Here is the whole piece so far.

PI-Prog 20

Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 19

Since this project and the Border Rug are moving so slowly, I’ve decided to post about them every two weeks instead of weekly. Today is the mandala and next Wed. will be the rug.

I had one week when this project just sat – very little stitching time in the mornings and I wanted to work on the rug. So for the last week and a half I’m been working on the second mosque. Most of the first minaret is completed. The top will get done when I do the dome of the mosque – so several weeks away at this point. The door has been outlined and the two panels to the left and the right of the door are almost complete.


The door will take some time because the top of the door is a mosaic that is stitched over one thread. I want to spend one day each two weeks working on beads. I want the carpet leading up to the mosque to be finished by the time the mosque itself is finished. And there is still a lot of metallic top stitching to do on the buildings to the left as well. I’ll be busy.

Here’s the project as it looks today.

PI-Prog 19

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 3

I almost met my goal for the week. I will be able to finish the border in just another day or two and the rest of the dark rust by tomorrow. And I’ve started to fill in the empty spots in the border with Ecru. I’ll pull out the white in the center over the next day or so. I can’t wait to get busy on the rest of the design and fill in all the empty sections.


I hope to be close to the finish by this time next week. I get a little done every day.