Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 19

Since this project and the Border Rug are moving so slowly, I’ve decided to post about them every two weeks instead of weekly. Today is the mandala and next Wed. will be the rug.

I had one week when this project just sat – very little stitching time in the mornings and I wanted to work on the rug. So for the last week and a half I’m been working on the second mosque. Most of the first minaret is completed. The top will get done when I do the dome of the mosque – so several weeks away at this point. The door has been outlined and the two panels to the left and the right of the door are almost complete.


The door will take some time because the top of the door is a mosaic that is stitched over one thread. I want to spend one day each two weeks working on beads. I want the carpet leading up to the mosque to be finished by the time the mosque itself is finished. And there is still a lot of metallic top stitching to do on the buildings to the left as well. I’ll be busy.

Here’s the project as it looks today.

PI-Prog 19

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 3

I almost met my goal for the week. I will be able to finish the border in just another day or two and the rest of the dark rust by tomorrow. And I’ve started to fill in the empty spots in the border with Ecru. I’ll pull out the white in the center over the next day or so. I can’t wait to get busy on the rest of the design and fill in all the empty sections.


I hope to be close to the finish by this time next week. I get a little done every day.

Kitty’s Gift

Kitty’s Gift is a Mill Hill bead kit about 2″ square. Since we don’t do a big tree anymore, this will be perfect on our little tree next year. My first finish for 2014.

All the cross stitch is done first and then the beads are added. There are two pieces and they are stitched side by side on the heavy perforated paper. I got the bow done correctly, but it just doesn’t want to look as nice as the one in the photo. Still, I had no problems with the beading so my confidence is growing in that department.


This morning I just had to carefully cut around the two pieces, attached a leaf charm to the hat and then attach the hat to the cat’s head – at a tilt. No, there isn’t any brown on the ball of fluff on the end of the hat – it’s just the shadow from the flash on the camera.


Isn’t he adorable? I enjoyed this so much that I’m going to order two more to do later in the year. Who knew I could enjoy beading?

Hometown Holiday Sweet Shop – Finale

I seem to be moving in slow motion, but I just finish the Sweet Shop and wanted to show you. This will be my last finish for the year, making it 26 projects completed.

I love these little pieces by Diane Williams. They are fun and quick to stitch. I look forward to more of them to stitch next fall. I’ve decided not to take the time to finish them as boxes right now. They won’t be done for Christmas so I’ll wait till next month to do that.

Sweet Shop-2

Now for a few days off while I decide what to work on next. I know it will be needlepoint, but I have quite a few things waiting for me.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Hometown Holiday’s Sweet Shop

This is the last piece of this series that I will stitch this year. There will be more in the series next fall.

I’m close to half done right now, and love the striped awning on the shop windows.

Sweet Shop-1

The shop obviously need a door and a roof, so I’ll work on those next. Then I’ll need to add the tree to the left side and lots of snow here and there. I hope to have this done by the end of the week.

Season’s Greetings Stocking – Progress 5

I’m getting there…

The house is finished and the snow around it is done.


Then I scrolled up a little and added the next section of the design.


Now there is only more section left to stitch – the top. The name needs to be stitched and a small design on each side of the name. Hope to have it done by Monday. Then I need to make it into a stocking so it can be shipped to my DIL.

Season’s Greetings Stocking – Progress 4

It’s taken 2 weeks to get this far on the house, so it’s looking like this will be next year’s gift…

I still have 9 rows of the blue-green on each side of the peaked roof to do and a small chimney. Then lots of backstitching for the second story.


When the house is done, I still have to add little blue snowflakes, then start the top two sections. The name will be done last.



Season’s Greetings Stocking – Progress 3

Moving right along – the “street” in front of the house is now complete and the wrought iron fence in front of the house has been completed. The two green blobs above the fence are the start of the bushes to the right of the house steps.


Just 5 rows above the bush on the left is the halfway point in this stocking. I need to get busy and get the house done next week. Above that, things are more spread out and easier to complete. Still want to finish by the end of the month, so back to work.

Season’s Greetings Stocking – Progress 2

Decided I needed to get back to this and put in a lot of stitches since I need to mail it early next month. The bottom third of the stocking is now done, so I took a photo and then scrolled it up so I can continue to work.

Stocking -2

I’ll add the trees and the horse to pull the sleigh next. Then I’ll be able to start the large house that takes up most of the center of the stocking. Since I’m working on 14 ct Aida it should move along quickly now that I’m able to stitch at least 3 hours a day (sometimes a little more).