Elli Jenks New Designs

I told you when I finished the Pet Shop that Elli was working on a new design that I KNEW I was going to have to stitch next year. It went up on her sites this morning.

Elli's Train

Isn’t this just adorable!! And small – the engine is 3 3/8″ X 1 1/2″ X 2 3/8″ tall. The tender (the second car) is less than 2″. She is going to make a train station next to go with this.

And she also has a new rug – a runner that is just to the left of the train on her Etsy page. Just click here to see them and learn more about them. Something for me to look forward to next year. Anyone want to join me?

Elli Jenks’ Pet Shop – Finale

Yesterday I sewed the Pet Shop together and it’s soooo cute!! I decided not to stuff it and created my own way to finish it. I have a lot of TimTex on hand (from when I did craft shows). I cut out pieces of this thick pelon-type material to match the sides and roof of the Pet Shop and then taped them together to form a “shell.” Then I carefully slid the shell inside the Pet Shop. I had to trim the pieces I had cut to form the main body of the shop by a half inch. Then it fit perfectly inside. This will help to keep the shape of the pet shop and I really like the way it turned out.

Here’s the back and one side – the ruler shows you that it’s only 5.5″ tall.


Here’s the front and other side. It’s 4″ wide across the front and back. The sides are 2.75″ across.


And here is my “assistant” looking quite uninterested at the moment. I put it on top of the scratching post to take the photos against a beige wall so you could see it better. Well, Julius had to check out what I had done to his scratching post, so up he came. He knocked over the shop, stuck his head inside, and decided that there was nothing there for him. So he settled down so I could take my photos.

Julius and Shop

I loved stitching this piece! You can find all her miniature rugs and BrightSea Village pieces on Etsy here, and also on eBay. Elli lives in New Zealand, but her charts arrived at my home in just a few days. She has a new piece that she is working on (and I know I will have to stitch it!) and I hope it will be done soon so we can all see it. Thank you Elli for all your tempting designs.


Elli Jenks Pet Shop – Progress 18

It’s been 8 months, but the stitching on the Pet Shop by Elli Jenks is finally completed!!  Since you won’t see the two sides together after it is sewn together, I thought you would like to see them together, now that they are stitched on the same piece of Aida.


This has been a joy to stitch – with so many fun little details on every side, including the rooftops. I’ll need to add a gold bead for the doorknobs on the front and back and I can call this project done.

The rest of the Pet Shop was stitched as one piece – the front, back and the rooftops. Over the weekend I’ll read the directions and get the shop sewn together. So you’ll get one more post about this piece.

Elli Jenks Pet Shop – Progress 17

I’m working on the second floor now. One window is completed and the other  has been outlined in white and  has the curtains stitched. The rest should be easy to complete later today. I should have all the cross stitches done by Wed. and can do the backstitching to finish it up on Thursday. I can’t wait.


Time to get back to the rug for an hour or so.

Elli Jenks Pet Shop – Progress 16

The first floor is now complete and I’ve just started the second floor.


I’m glad the fence is now complete – that’s the most time-consuming part of this side of the shop. The rest should go quickly, I hope. The second floor has two windows and window boxes and then the top part that narrows to a point. I’m only working on this project and the Baluchi Rug until they are done so I expect a busy week trying to get them both finished in the next 10 days.

Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 15

I’ve been working on the last side of the Pet Shop and have the fence completely stitched. And I finally finished all the spaces between the the boards this morning. Now I’m outlining the boards and backstitching the other lines in the fence.


You can see that as I filled in colors in the fence, I continued some of the colors to the area above the fence as well, using up those little ends of threads. I’ll continue with the bricks and other surprises above the fence (on the first floor)  this week and finish the outlining the fence as well. When the first floor is complete, I’ll post again. It’s exciting to be nearing the end of this project. I’d like to finish this month, but I don’t think that is possible.

Pet Shop by Elli Jenkins – Progress 14

One side of the Pet Shop is now completed.


There were still details to put in at the very top of the side. Never a dull moment with this design! So tomorrow I will start the last side which also starts off with a fence. I’ll post again when the fence is completed. That seems to be the slowest part of the side – filling in those little spaces between the planks of the fence. But I’m getting excited about being this close to the completion of this piece. I can’t wait to sew it together and have a completed Pet Shop.

Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 13

Lots of progress on this piece! All the windows are done, the bricks are all stitched, the fence has all its backstitching, and a parrot has been added that is sitting on the fence.


Just three rows above the windows, the sides starts to narrow into a point. There’s not a lot left to do, so I hope to have it done next week. Then I can start on the last side!

Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 12

Stitching the fence and filling in the gaps in the fence took longer than I thought it would. (Everything seems to take longer than I thought.) I haven’t completed all the outlining of the fence, but enough is done for you to get the idea. The window on the lower floor is almost done as well. Such a well-behaved little dog too. The gap in the fence looks big enough for him to escape from.


The second story of this side starts just above the highest brick you see above. So next time, I’ll have the first floor completed and will be working on the windows and walls of the second floor. I’m getting there….

Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 11

Here’s the back side of the Pet Shop, all stitched up. I love it!


I’m stitching mine on 18 ct. Aida so it will be a little larger than the 22 ct. that Elli Jenks recommended. My version of the Pet Shop is 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Now it’s time for me to stitch the two sides of the shop. They’re only 3″ wide so I hope I can get them completed a little faster. And there are no roofs to stitch either! I planned ahead when I cut the fabric for this project, so I can stitch the two sides of the shop side by side on the fabric below what is already stitched. I’ll start this afternoon. Still lots of surprises and details to stitch.