Border Rug – Progress 6

This rug continues to fight with me every inch of the way. So some days, I just walk away and let it roll around in my head – trying to think of a better way to do things or another stitch that will work better. But I do have the two motifs for Band 2 to show you today, finally.


I left Band 1 in the photo so you can see how much bigger Band 2 is. The light brown thread across the top is to help keep track of where each motif should start and end. This is the third time I’ve done that for this band. I think it’s finally going to work out across the row.

The Greek key type row at the beginning and end of the first motif just didn’t look right when I finished it so I added another row of the Cabernet across the top – looked better. I didn’t realize that adding that one stitch would change everything else as I stitched it. I  like the combination of Sprat’s Heads and Diagonal Mosaic on the left and right side of the larger motif. The large X is done in a variation of Burden Stitch – slow going. The triangles at the top and bottom of the motif are from Suzie’s Portable Stitches 2 – Sprat’s Head Herringbone. This was also used for the light green triangles in the second motif. I needed to make this second motif skinnier because the first motif changed in size. The Herringbone stitch is now over 3 threads instead of 4. The striped zigzag is a little narrower as well.

It’s now ready to go and Band 2 should be done by the time it’s shown here again in two weeks. I’m hoping for trouble free stitching for a while. Here is the rug so far.


Koshga by Gitta – Progress 5

Everything seems to be going too slow right now. I got to the corner with the large border, just the outline. Found a mistake at the beginning of the day’s work and had to rip it all out. Got that finished and restitched the border outline again. Then I started the small red border and got part of that one around the corner as well. Then I noticed another error in the next border – the small black and white border next to the center design area. I only had to rip out an inch this time, but it’s done and I hope things will move along better over the next week.


Hope your stitching week is running smoother than mine.

Border Rug – Progress 5

Finally finished the first band of the rug. Today I got the rest of the brown divider between the motifs and the row across the rug to separate this band from the next one. I’m really pleased with how it looks.


When I get back upstairs on Friday and Saturday, I’ll need to spend time extending the outer borders up on both sides. Then I can start the next band which is about twice as wide as the one I just finished. I’ve changed some of the stitches on the two new motifs and I’ll practice stitch over the next couple of days and also make sure they will fit across the row.

Koshga by Gitta – Progress 4

This WIP is coming along slowly – but I’m getting there. I’m working on the largest border, trying to get to the corner across the bottom. This is the most complicated of the borders. Then I can work across the top as well. After I’ve reached the corners with the large border, I can start extending the other borders on the inside. I won’t be able to do too much more of the middle until I have the borders stitched.


Right now I’m just working on this and my first cross stitch design in the afternoons and evenings. I want to get them both completed. Then I can get back to the Stofft Santa and Ghiradelli Square. I’ve decided that I can’t have so many things going at once. So, two projects upstairs and two projects downstairs. That’s it for now. When one is done, I can start on something else.

Border Rug – Progress 4

I’ve had interruptions every morning this week and haven’t had enough stitching time upstairs. I’ve been working my way across the first band by outlining each of the motifs to make sure everything would fit. Then I started working across the band one color at a time. I haven’t gotten very far on that, but the first of each motif is completely finished and I’ve started the border that will separate this band from the next one as well. Here’s a close-up of the ones that are done.


I said that I wouldn’t use any Rhodes stitches with two colors. So I tried a Ray stitch with two colors instead. I like it! In the first motif, the dark red is a Sprat’s Head and the light blue at each end is a Ray stitch. The second motif has Mosaic and Cashmere stitches in greens and off-white. The Ray stitch is Paprika and Natural (off-white). As I work my way across the band and complete the individual motifs, I’ll stitch the dividing border and the two thread separation between the motifs. I planned on doing the dividing border in Van Dyke, but I wanted it over 3 threads instead of 4. I ended up with a very tight woven band and I do like it, so I’m not going to rip it out and change it now. I also need to get more of the outer borders done on the right side. I have a lot to do over the next week. Hopefully it will get done this time.

Here is the rug so far:


It’s looking more like one of my rugs now – threads hanging all over the place. I try to start and end threads on top of the canvas since it is so large. By next week they will all be covered up and it will look neater.

Introducing Maroc Mini Rug

We’re having a hard time figuring out where to hang all the larger sized rugs that I create. And many of you don’t want to tackle a rug that is 18″ X 28″ either. So I’ve decided to design some smaller rugs from around the world on Congress Cloth. They’ll be 5″x7″ so they’ll be quicker to complete.

I always start with Morocco, where I used to live (many years ago). No inspiration this time, just putting together motifs that I like and going with the flow. I’m using Needlepoint Inc. silk and Splendor to stitch this little rug in teal, purple, pink, and white.


There won’t be a lot of special stitches in this one though, so it’s an easier pattern for everyone to try. The first border is just slanted Gobelin in two colors. The next border is straight stitches that are laid and then I used a dark teal to backstitch between the lighter teal and the white. The top border in the photo is two rows of slanted Gobelin in dark teal with a row of pink and white Scotch stitches. 5″ wide and not quite 1″ tall so far.

I’m working on patterns for 3 more countries to be added as time permits – Peru, Madagascar, and Guatemala. For the last two I’ll be creating a rug using colors and motifs from the beautiful fabrics created in those countries.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 29

I decided to give you one more glance at the rug before I start on this last week of stitching to the finish.


The borders on the left side are finished and I’ve started several of the borders across the bottom now. I was working on the scroll border on the left side last night, and had a rhythm going, so I didn’t stop until the whole scroll was stitched. Now I can fill in the basketweave background. All the off-white dots for the two narrow brown borders are done and I’m stitching around them also. It’s coming along well right now. Today I’m going to work mostly on the patches, trying to fill in the center section.

I’m still hoping to finish by July 10th. Why the 10th? I belong to the PetitPoint Yahoo group and they always post their latest photos on the 10th of each month. I didn’t post last month, so I want to surprise them with the finished rug this month.

I’m also working on the Pet Shop and should have it done tomorrow, so I’ll schedule the final post on Friday morning.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 27

I haven’t had as much stitching time this past week, but the borders on the right side on completed and I’ve done some work on the center motif.


The bottom right corner didn’t come out exactly as charted, so I’m leaving that corner alone for right now. I’ve run into this before on this piece – where a border is off by one thread and there are no mistakes anywhere that I can find. So I’ll work on the borders on the left side this coming week and finish the borders by working my way across the bottom from left to right. That way I’ll end up at that trouble corner and see how it works out.

I also want to get the rest of the center motif completed, and will probably start with that first this week. There’s only about 7 rows below the stitched part, so that should be easy to accomplish.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 26

I’ve outlined some areas in the center that I want to work on this coming week. And I spent a lot of time on the borders on the right side. Most of them have made the turn so that I can work across the bottom.


My tasks for the next week include finishing all the borders on the right side and then starting to fill in the center section that is outlined. Part of the Gobelin border that separates the borders from the center has been stitched. You can now see just how much is left to do in the center section – about 2 inches. The borders are 2.5  inches wide. Slowly but surely, it’s getting done.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 25

I’m pleased with my progress this week and the flower section is now complete.


I’ve scrolled the canvas for the last time as well. The rug ends 10 threads below the zigzag border than has been started. I’ll work on the large motif some more this coming week, but most of the time will be spent working the borders on the right side. I want to get each border to turn the corner by this time next week. Then I can do the dark burgundy border that separates the middle from the borders all the way around. When that is done, I can work on all the areas without having to worry about if I’m a thread off anywhere. There is just under 5 inches to go!