Koshga by Gitta – Finale

I started this project in 2009. When I completed the borders along the left side, they didn’t meet up, so I put it away. In April of 2011, I got it out again. I decided that ripping out everything that I had done to correct the counting error would not be a good idea on Congress Cloth. I threw it away and got out a new piece of white Congress Cloth and started again. This is as far as I got before I put it away again – too many other projects going on at once.


Now I’m trying to work my way through my stash – and as part of that, I need to complete some of my WIPs. In February of this year I got it out again and I’ve been working away on it. For the last 4 days, I haven’t worked on other projects for more than a few hours – total. But I can finally show you Koshga all finished!


It’s just under 9″ wide and 6″ tall. I think it would make a great pillow insert. So I need to gather my courage, buy the fabric, and get this finished for good.

At least I’ve gotten one thing out of my stash. I’d like to work on some smaller projects this month to help put a dent in that stash – so look for a few new, small things over the next couple of weeks. Plus I’ll be working more on the Peru Rug a lot more too.

Antique Locomotive – Finale

Things seem to take a lot longer than I think they will. The background at the bottom of this train piece would be quick and easy – I thought. And it’s taken me many days. I’ve even brought it downstairs last week and worked on it in the afternoons for 4 days. But I finally got it done! I used two different overdyes – one beige and light brown and the second light brown and gray – to represent the gravel that is found along side the tracks and between the railroad ties.

The first photo is part of the background and the cow catcher at the front of the engine. I love the first part with the long ribbons laid carefully to form the catcher with black in the background for the spaces between the pieces of steel. The right side is more difficult since the pieces of steel fade away to the right and appear closer together. Then the artist Anne Cram had the steel in the center form a V in the middle – divided into top and bottom parts. I did the best I could but I’m not really pleased with the right side. I didn’t stitch them as painted – sets of stitches that gradually worked to make a slanted line. Using the ribbon worked much better – but challenging to get the black covered so when I laid a silver or red ribbon all the spaces would be covered in black. On the right, the light shows through the steel since it isn’t against the rest of the engine. It looks unbalanced to me.


But it is completed and overall, I really do like it! It was just a painting of a locomotive, but I’ve added backgrounds and smoke, filled in the railroad ties, and outlined the numbers so they are more visible. I think he’s ready for the museum now, as soon as he chugs down the track just a little farther.


Jim Wurth’s Peace Tree – Finale

I moved my trip to Needle in a Haystack to yesterday instead of next Tuesday. I did get this finished this last night but didn’t have a chance to upload the photo until now.

All the ornaments on this piece now have the bead stack in them – five gold beads stitched with red thread. These bead stacks are better than the last two ornaments I did, but I still am not fond of them and wish the red thread didn’t show so much. I’ve also added the bronze star near the top on each side and gold Kreinik braid in cascades along the sides. This one is so different from the others in the series. The little gold flecks in the canvas also made it difficult at times to make sure I had the stitches in the correct place – I kept getting the  wrong count with the gold braid because of the flecks.

Peace tree - finale

This is my least favorite of the Jim Wurth Dodecagons. It is all completed now and it will join the others. Until I finish the last two in the series I won’t decide how to do the finishing for them.


WOW! Patchwork Rug Finale

60″ X 48″ total size

3 and a half years!

Today it is done!! The photo isn’t the best since we have no place to hang it up for a good photo, but here it is…

Patchwork Finale

And here is a photo on the day I brought it home. The previous owner had started it and you can tell the parts she stitched because they are darker than the rest of the canvas.


This has been quite a project, to say the least. I don’t know who the designer is, but the canvas says Kris   322. If she is still out there, I would like to thank her for the beautiful design. When we figure out how and where to hang the rug, I’ll take another photo that will be better. I just couldn’t wait for that day before you got to see it all finished up.

My DH stood beside me as I did the last few strands of Paternayan yarn so we could share the moment that has taken so long to arrive.

Take a minute to join me in the largest Happy Dance in the world today. This finish deserves a celebration.

A Little Bit of Happiness – Finale

Here’s the finish of Happiness (no pun intended). For someone who has never been fond of beading, I have to say that I love the corners with the diamond of beads!! No problems at all and I love the look!

Happiness Finale

The panels in the middle of the top and bottom were stitched with two shades of turquoise floss and two colors of Kreinik #4 braid – pale aqua, and peach. The middle of the sides were stitched with two shades of rust with Watercolors Fiesta in the middle. I decided that the flow of colors should be going in opposites directions – just a whim. There is a stitch of copper Kreinik #4 braid between each change of thread in those areas. After I stitched the first corner, I wondered if I should use a slightly darker shade of turquoise that would more closely match the beads, but I really do like it the way it is.

This project took longer to stitch than I thought, but I’m very glad I signed up for this CyberPointers project. And a Thank You to Peggy Carstens for designing this lovely piece.

Maroc Mini Rug Finale

Just finished up this little 5″ X 7″ rug on Congress Cloth.  A variety of stitches make it a fun stitch. I did my version all in silk – Splendor, Needlepoint Inc. and Kreinik Silk.

Maroc Finale

Now to get the stitch instructions written up so some of you can try it out too. I hope to have it available by the end of the year.

Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train Finishing

I finally got brave and did the finishing on the train. I got the instructions from the Little House Needleworks website. I’m stitching Diane’s Hometown Holiday and she has posted step-by-step instructions for finishing the little pieces when they are done. They are shown by clicking on the Hometown Holiday Tutorial on her website  http://www.littlehouseneedleworks.com   There is no sewing involved, just pinning as you work through the steps.

I wrapped the canvas around the styrofoam and pinned it. Then covered the back with red Christmas fabric, and pinned it down. Then I cut the band to cover all the edges and ironed a hem along both sides so that it was the width of the styrofoam and just pinned it on the bottom. I couldn’t find a ribbon that I liked to wrap around the sides and then make a bow on top, so I bought a wide cream ribbon with glitter and a thin fancy red ribbon and layered them around the outside.


The bow on top isn’t the greatest and I may do something different when it’s time to put them out for Christmas, but this is first attempt at finishing and I’m content with it. I’ve also learned that buying beads online, no matter what the size you need, is impossible. I ordered cute with red, white, and green glass beads that sounded like they would large enough. They’re small enough that you can’t even see them. But there are 4 on the bottom of each one. Sigh…

Train Finishing

When I finish the next Hometown Holiday piece, I’ll do the finishing for the first 4 pieces so they will available for Christmas this year as well. They’re smaller and will have different fabric on the back but will follow the same steps to get them finished.

Medieval Medley by Joni Stevenson – Finale

Finally got this little piece finished and isn’t it lovely! Joni packed a lot of detail and new techniques into this 5 x 7 design.

We started the little Congress Cloth piece during the workshop and then finished it up on our own. We got brave and pulled a few strands away from the edges to form a fringe before we secured it to the 18 ct. canvas. No problem at all. Adding the pieces of cording across the Congress Cloth was a little more difficult, but I finally got it done yesterday. We used Seed beads and Bugle beads to secure the little gold square to the canvas.

On to other areas – the area to the left of the Congress Cloth was slow to start, but once I got into the rhythym of the stitch (which imitates cathedral windows) it went a little faster. I love the look of it too. The border stitched up quickly and a bead was added to center of each diamond.

Then on to the final section – the three diamonds toward the bottom. I had one Jessica done in my last post and quickly stitched the other two. Then on to the last new thing to learn. Joni used Lutrador (which she color-washed) to make the flower petals. Lutrador looks a lot like pellon, but doesn’t tear. Using a sharp needle, I sewed it to the canvas and placed a large bead in the center of each flower. I found the material slippery so my flowers are not as neat and pretty as the ones Joni did. But I can see how Lutrador can  be used in a lot of different ways  in needlepoint designs. I just need more practice using it.


I want to thank Joni Stevenson for designing this lovely piece and also for allowing me to post it on my blog. See more of Joni’s designs on her website http://www.jonisdesigns.com and learn more about needlepoint stitching on her blog http://creative-stitch.blogspot.com.

Baluchi Rug Finale

Almost nine months! I never thought it would take this long. But I’m pleased with the results and glad to have it completed at last!

If you want to see the original rug that was my inspiration, you can click here.


Approximately 13″ X 22″

25 skeins of thread – 16 of Vineyard Silk, 7 of Trio, and 2 of Impressions

I’ve lightly pressed it after having it on scroll bars all this time. It still needs a little more before I can take it to be framed. Now to work on the smaller projects that I have downstairs that need to be completed and one that I’ve just started.