Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 20

I’ve been working on the door to the mosque over the last two weeks.  There are three layers of different colors around the outside of the door. Then I stitched Rhodes stitches in very dark blue around the inside. The last layer was Algerian Eyelets in teal. I’ve started filling in the center section with a very dark turquoise. I did not do any beads, which I promised myself I would do. Oh well.


I’ll finish the center of the door and add the steps that lead up to the door next. The sections at the top of the door (the triangle shaped areas) are a tile design, stitched over one thread. I want that finished before I show this to you again as well. And I need to get part of the beading done on the carpet leading up the mosque as well. If I have time, maybe I can get some of the gold top stitching done on the buildings to the left of the mosque. No promises on that.

Here is the whole piece so far.

PI-Prog 20

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 6

I’m working around the outside of the design now and filling in more of the dots in the dark brown border with ecru. Here’s where I am today.


I hope to have the light and dark turquoise diamonds done this afternoon (and more of the ecru). I want to finish it up tomorrow, but I may not make it.  I didn’t finish all the pale rust flowers after I filled in the corners of the hexagons because there are an even number of threads and the flower is 9 threads wide. I think I’ll need to take out the four that are done and redesign the flower to be an even number. Another reason for it not to be done tomorrow. I’ll post later in the week when I do have it completed.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch

A couple of rough days and not much stitching. But the borders are all done.


I’ve also finished the diamonds running straight down the middle and straight across the middle. When I started stitching them the way I had them designed, I hated them. So I ripped them out and then tried something different, like the center diamond but with two colors. I like them this way and they look better.

Toward the bottom, I have started the next pattern. The squares are done in a lighter blue than the diamonds and are filled with the medium rust. There are only four sets of these, and I hope it won’t take long to stitch. I’m also working on the ecru to fill in the empty spaces in the border.

Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 19

Since this project and the Border Rug are moving so slowly, I’ve decided to post about them every two weeks instead of weekly. Today is the mandala and next Wed. will be the rug.

I had one week when this project just sat – very little stitching time in the mornings and I wanted to work on the rug. So for the last week and a half I’m been working on the second mosque. Most of the first minaret is completed. The top will get done when I do the dome of the mosque – so several weeks away at this point. The door has been outlined and the two panels to the left and the right of the door are almost complete.


The door will take some time because the top of the door is a mosaic that is stitched over one thread. I want to spend one day each two weeks working on beads. I want the carpet leading up to the mosque to be finished by the time the mosque itself is finished. And there is still a lot of metallic top stitching to do on the buildings to the left as well. I’ll be busy.

Here’s the project as it looks today.

PI-Prog 19

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 3

I almost met my goal for the week. I will be able to finish the border in just another day or two and the rest of the dark rust by tomorrow. And I’ve started to fill in the empty spots in the border with Ecru. I’ll pull out the white in the center over the next day or so. I can’t wait to get busy on the rest of the design and fill in all the empty sections.


I hope to be close to the finish by this time next week. I get a little done every day.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 2

I’ve spent most of the last week working on the borders. Two points (at the top and the right are completed and I’m almost done with the point on the left as well. I know they will all be done by next week. On this 14 count Aida, it will be 12″ from top to bottom and side to side.

I’ve also started the next layer of the fillings., using medium turquoise and the darkest of the rust color. I like the way it weaves up and down as I stitch it around the center. I also need to stitch the four little diamonds in this second layer too.


Once the borders are completed, the rest should fill in quickly. I doubt that the whole design will be completely done next week, but the borders will be done and I hope another layer will be done as well.


Introducing Nain Diamond Cross Stitch

Inspiration for new designs can come from anywhere! But you know I love rug designs the most. Even though I have many books on my shelves that have rug history, rug design, Persian rugs, Tribal rugs, etc. I still love to surf the web looking for something unusual. I found this rug on It’s a Persian Nain rug from Iran. The wheels in my little brain have been spinning for a couple of months now – a new rug (maybe next year), needlepoint pillows and maybe some cross stitch designs.


Since I already have a large rug started, I decided to do a cross stitch design based on the center of the rug. I charted it out and started stitching. Did some ripping and then got on track with some changes. Here are the colors I’ll be using and a peek at a little of the chart (some things have changed since this photo was taken).


Right now the design is about 6″ on 14 ct Cream Aida. I’ve filled in the little holes in the borders around the middle with white floss, but I’m not sure I like it. I might try the lightest turquoise to see if I like it better (beads maybe?).  The center section is now completed and I’ll be adding to the brown border as I fill in the hexagons that are completed. Eventually it will be a 12″ diamond.


I’ll try to get one point on the diamond outlined by the next time you see it.

Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 18

I spent a little time every day this past week working on this. I took it off the stretcher bars so I could re-tack it tighter. But then thought, as long as it’s off the bars, why not bead the center of the design rather than leave it to the very end. So one length of thread at a time, 20 or so beads at a time, it is finally finished.

PI-Prog 18

Working across the rows, they are not the same on both sides. I needed to pay attention to the chart. I worked as carefully as I could to make everything perfect, but the bottom half just isn’t as neat as the top half. When the piece is done, I will have to go back to sew on the crystals and the large square crystal that sits in the very center of the beaded flower. I don’t want anything that bulky on the fabric right now. I’ll continue to sew on the smaller beads as I go – like the carpet leading to the mosque I’ve just started. I’m going to be happy to work on just cross stitch for a while now. One day a week I’ll work on the carpet in front of the current mosque.

A Slight Curve in the Road Ahead

My synapses were firing away on design ideas one night last week. At 2-4 AM!!! It seems I want to do designs from ceramics along with rugs now. Don’t ask – I don’t know why. So I’ve been browsing the web and saving photos of some inspiration. I’ve decided to start with Hopi pottery after finding photos like the two below.


Since we are desperate for rain here in Northern California, I’ve put together a design what will represent my rain dance, hoping that we’ll get some rain soon. We’re 18 inches behind the normal for this time of the year.


Then to complicate things just a little more, my mind has decided that it needs to be a cross stitch design! I’ll get the threads that I don’t have already when I go to Needle in a Haystack in another week. So stay tuned….


Hopi symbols-3

Kitty’s Gift

Kitty’s Gift is a Mill Hill bead kit about 2″ square. Since we don’t do a big tree anymore, this will be perfect on our little tree next year. My first finish for 2014.

All the cross stitch is done first and then the beads are added. There are two pieces and they are stitched side by side on the heavy perforated paper. I got the bow done correctly, but it just doesn’t want to look as nice as the one in the photo. Still, I had no problems with the beading so my confidence is growing in that department.


This morning I just had to carefully cut around the two pieces, attached a leaf charm to the hat and then attach the hat to the cat’s head – at a tilt. No, there isn’t any brown on the ball of fluff on the end of the hat – it’s just the shadow from the flash on the camera.


Isn’t he adorable? I enjoyed this so much that I’m going to order two more to do later in the year. Who knew I could enjoy beading?