Threedles 2012 Ornament – Purple Almost Done

Like the teal version I showed you recently, I’ve run out of #4 Kreinik braid for this version. They are on order and will be here any day now. So there is one square that isn’t quite done.


This time, I used a medium shade of purple to do all the Amadeus Daggers and a very dark shade to stitch the edges and little fill-in areas. I didn’t think the Kreinik braid would show up very well if the sides were done in a lighter color.

While I wait for the 3 spools of Kreinik to arrive, I’ve already started the next version. Pink threads on black canvas! I little harder to see as I work, but I’ve done this enough now that I can handle it. I have the six squares outlined and I just started the first dagger. I hope to have them all done by the end of the month, but it could slide over in November. We’ll see.

Border Rug – Progress 13

I’m getting a little more time on this now that I’m not working on the mandala for the rest of the month. I have half of Band 6 done and I hope to have the other half done by the end of the week. It takes time to outline all the little diamonds, but they fill in very quickly using Triple Double Cross stitches. The lighter red along the edges is a variation of Sprat’s Head – used earlier in the band with olive and orange. The next section will be the middle band which is larger than any of the others. At the top, left you can see a few long stitches. That how much space the middle band will cover. The pale  yellow triangle on the left (that isn’t filled in yet) marks the center of the rug at exactly 16.25 inches. I have the center band charted for 75-80 threads, but the space available now is only about 67 threads. Some of the bands ended up being a thread or two wider than originally planned. So I will have to practice stitch and make some adjustments before I can start that one next week.


So I still have a lot of work to do. I want it done this year, so I really need to get to work on it. I have other rugs planned for next year and I don’t want to put them off. So here is the rug so far.


Threedles 2012 Ornament – A Start

This Christmas ornament by Kurdy Biggs is made up of 3 square designs – each 2 inches square. Each square is stitched twice, so you have 6 sides that are then folded into a cube to hang on a Christmas tree.  I’m making 3 of these for my granddaughters. I need to get with it, since it’s already October. This one is teal and I’ll make a second one in purple and the last one in black and pink. This last one is for the girl who likes black, pink and zebras (remember the ornament from Laura Perin last year when I did zebra stripes around the edge?).


This is Square #1 done in 3 shades of teal and a very light green Kreinik braid. Kurdy did hers as a monotone, but I like the different shades better. I’m working on Square #2 now and will post it when it’s done. I hope to have this one done next week so I can start the second one. I’d like to have them all done this month so I can get them sewn up and ready to go early.

Koshga by Gitta – Progress 9

I meant to take a photo and show you progress on this last Monday and then forgot. I’ve gotten a little more done over the last week as well.

The wide border is completely done and I’ve started on the next border which is just black and white. Almost all of the white is done and I’ve started filling in the black. The center of the rug is about 3/4 done now and moving along quickly. I want to get the black section done tonight so I can start the pink medallion on the right side. Then it won’t take long to finish the center section. I’m still alternating between the borders around the outside and the center section.


Let’s see how close I can get to completing this piece in the next two weeks. It feels really good to be getting piece finished. I started it in 2009, made a mistake in counting, and gave up on it for several years.

Border Rug – Progress 7

I didn’t quite get all the way across as I had hoped. And the problem is that last motif. I counted and counted and even marked the canvas with a thread to keep track of where each motif should start and end. And now that I’m stitching the last motif, it is one thread short! I’m glad I decided that this rug is just for me and that I’m not going to do a stitch guide for it. It’s been a very frustrating rug so far.


I’ve made the Sprat’s Heads at the right side one thread smaller in order to fit in the rest of the motif and the over 2 light brown divider. Then I quit for the day while I think about that. Do I really want to do that? Is there another way to solve the problem? I don’t work on this again until Friday. Maybe something else will pop into my head by then.

When that band is done, I have some more work to do. First, I need to add to the outer border on both sides to keep ahead of the various bands. Then I can start the next band which will be a narrow one – an easy one with just a few stitches and mostly shades of the burgundy main color. The eyes need a rest as they move around on the rug, and I need a simple band that won’t create any problems for the next two weeks. The rug is now about 5.5″ tall. Since it’s going to be 30″ when it’s done, I certainly have a long way to go.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Finale

The Nain Diamond is finally completed! You will remember that I found a beautiful rug online that I want to use for a future needlepoint rug, but thought the center of the rug would make a very nice cross stitch. Most of my designs come from rugs and textiles from around the world. Here is a photo of the rug again. It’s from the Nain region in Iran.


And here is the finale of the cross stitch that was inspired from the center of the rug.


I took the photo yesterday afternoon when I finished the stitching. It needs to be pressed. It was a bright afternoon so I took the photo with the light coming in the patio door. The colors are very true to the actual colors of the floss that I used. I used mostly Anchor floss but the ecru and rust colors are DMC (10 colors in all). The chart is ready to go, but I need to put together the rest of the instructions before I can list it for sale. The instructions will have the complete list of DMC and Anchor colors. I hope to have it all ready by this time next week.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 6

I’m working around the outside of the design now and filling in more of the dots in the dark brown border with ecru. Here’s where I am today.


I hope to have the light and dark turquoise diamonds done this afternoon (and more of the ecru). I want to finish it up tomorrow, but I may not make it.  I didn’t finish all the pale rust flowers after I filled in the corners of the hexagons because there are an even number of threads and the flower is 9 threads wide. I think I’ll need to take out the four that are done and redesign the flower to be an even number. Another reason for it not to be done tomorrow. I’ll post later in the week when I do have it completed.