Koshga by Gitta – Progress 9

I meant to take a photo and show you progress on this last Monday and then forgot. I’ve gotten a little more done over the last week as well.

The wide border is completely done and I’ve started on the next border which is just black and white. Almost all of the white is done and I’ve started filling in the black. The center of the rug is about 3/4 done now and moving along quickly. I want to get the black section done tonight so I can start the pink medallion on the right side. Then it won’t take long to finish the center section. I’m still alternating between the borders around the outside and the center section.


Let’s see how close I can get to completing this piece in the next two weeks. It feels really good to be getting piece finished. I started it in 2009, made a mistake in counting, and gave up on it for several years.

Border Rug – Progress 7

I didn’t quite get all the way across as I had hoped. And the problem is that last motif. I counted and counted and even marked the canvas with a thread to keep track of where each motif should start and end. And now that I’m stitching the last motif, it is one thread short! I’m glad I decided that this rug is just for me and that I’m not going to do a stitch guide for it. It’s been a very frustrating rug so far.


I’ve made the Sprat’s Heads at the right side one thread smaller in order to fit in the rest of the motif and the over 2 light brown divider. Then I quit for the day while I think about that. Do I really want to do that? Is there another way to solve the problem? I don’t work on this again until Friday. Maybe something else will pop into my head by then.

When that band is done, I have some more work to do. First, I need to add to the outer border on both sides to keep ahead of the various bands. Then I can start the next band which will be a narrow one – an easy one with just a few stitches and mostly shades of the burgundy main color. The eyes need a rest as they move around on the rug, and I need a simple band that won’t create any problems for the next two weeks. The rug is now about 5.5″ tall. Since it’s going to be 30″ when it’s done, I certainly have a long way to go.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Finale

The Nain Diamond is finally completed! You will remember that I found a beautiful rug online that I want to use for a future needlepoint rug, but thought the center of the rug would make a very nice cross stitch. Most of my designs come from rugs and textiles from around the world. Here is a photo of the rug again. It’s from the Nain region in Iran.


And here is the finale of the cross stitch that was inspired from the center of the rug.


I took the photo yesterday afternoon when I finished the stitching. It needs to be pressed. It was a bright afternoon so I took the photo with the light coming in the patio door. The colors are very true to the actual colors of the floss that I used. I used mostly Anchor floss but the ecru and rust colors are DMC (10 colors in all). The chart is ready to go, but I need to put together the rest of the instructions before I can list it for sale. The instructions will have the complete list of DMC and Anchor colors. I hope to have it all ready by this time next week.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 6

I’m working around the outside of the design now and filling in more of the dots in the dark brown border with ecru. Here’s where I am today.


I hope to have the light and dark turquoise diamonds done this afternoon (and more of the ecru). I want to finish it up tomorrow, but I may not make it.  I didn’t finish all the pale rust flowers after I filled in the corners of the hexagons because there are an even number of threads and the flower is 9 threads wide. I think I’ll need to take out the four that are done and redesign the flower to be an even number. Another reason for it not to be done tomorrow. I’ll post later in the week when I do have it completed.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch

A couple of rough days and not much stitching. But the borders are all done.


I’ve also finished the diamonds running straight down the middle and straight across the middle. When I started stitching them the way I had them designed, I hated them. So I ripped them out and then tried something different, like the center diamond but with two colors. I like them this way and they look better.

Toward the bottom, I have started the next pattern. The squares are done in a lighter blue than the diamonds and are filled with the medium rust. There are only four sets of these, and I hope it won’t take long to stitch. I’m also working on the ecru to fill in the empty spaces in the border.

Nain Diamond Cross Stitch – Progress 2

I’ve spent most of the last week working on the borders. Two points (at the top and the right are completed and I’m almost done with the point on the left as well. I know they will all be done by next week. On this 14 count Aida, it will be 12″ from top to bottom and side to side.

I’ve also started the next layer of the fillings., using medium turquoise and the darkest of the rust color. I like the way it weaves up and down as I stitch it around the center. I also need to stitch the four little diamonds in this second layer too.


Once the borders are completed, the rest should fill in quickly. I doubt that the whole design will be completely done next week, but the borders will be done and I hope another layer will be done as well.


Koshga by Gitta – Progress 4

This WIP is coming along slowly – but I’m getting there. I’m working on the largest border, trying to get to the corner across the bottom. This is the most complicated of the borders. Then I can work across the top as well. After I’ve reached the corners with the large border, I can start extending the other borders on the inside. I won’t be able to do too much more of the middle until I have the borders stitched.


Right now I’m just working on this and my first cross stitch design in the afternoons and evenings. I want to get them both completed. Then I can get back to the Stofft Santa and Ghiradelli Square. I’ve decided that I can’t have so many things going at once. So, two projects upstairs and two projects downstairs. That’s it for now. When one is done, I can start on something else.

Introducing Nain Diamond Cross Stitch

Inspiration for new designs can come from anywhere! But you know I love rug designs the most. Even though I have many books on my shelves that have rug history, rug design, Persian rugs, Tribal rugs, etc. I still love to surf the web looking for something unusual. I found this rug on UrbanRugs.com. It’s a Persian Nain rug from Iran. The wheels in my little brain have been spinning for a couple of months now – a new rug (maybe next year), needlepoint pillows and maybe some cross stitch designs.


Since I already have a large rug started, I decided to do a cross stitch design based on the center of the rug. I charted it out and started stitching. Did some ripping and then got on track with some changes. Here are the colors I’ll be using and a peek at a little of the chart (some things have changed since this photo was taken).


Right now the design is about 6″ on 14 ct Cream Aida. I’ve filled in the little holes in the borders around the middle with white floss, but I’m not sure I like it. I might try the lightest turquoise to see if I like it better (beads maybe?).  The center section is now completed and I’ll be adding to the brown border as I fill in the hexagons that are completed. Eventually it will be a 12″ diamond.


I’ll try to get one point on the diamond outlined by the next time you see it.

Koshga by Gitta – Progress 3

I try to work on this a little each evening. Even a half hour helps to make a little progress. I filled in the rest of the red border and added the last border of black and white. Then I started the center section.


I still have a little of the largest border to fill in and a tiny section of brown in the center part that is completed. I’ll continue the center over the next week and also extend the largest border across the top and bottom. When that border is completed, I can slowly add the inner and outer borders. After all these years, it nice to see the halfway mark approaching.

Border Rug – Progress 2

Have you ever had a project that just didn’t want to be stitched? Where you ripped out as many stitches as you put in most days? Welcome to my last week. I practiced stitched the motif that I’m working on for this rug and I still ran into problems. I wanted the little yellow boxes to be Scotch stitches over 4 threads, like in my practice stitching, but it just wouldn’t work. Two days in a row I stitched and ripped out parts of the motif, counted the number of threads between the triangle shapes, etc. I finally found out that I had different numbers of threads between the yellow triangles! Then I could continue to stitch the way I did while I was practice stitching. Counting from a completed triangle, stitch a second triangle. Then stitch two rows of Diagonal Mosaic stitches beside each triangle shape, so it’s easy to place the Scotch stitches in the middle. They are stitched over 3 threads, instead of 4 and it works out much better than originally stitched.

Having the same number of threads between each triangle will alter the width of the rug a little, but it’s working well and I can adjust each band to follow so that it will fit in the new width. I’m doing it the way the rug has dictated, and the rug and I are both happy now. LOL


Here is the first corner with the outer and inner borders all stitched. And the color is much better than the photo last week – closer to the real color.  The triangles alternate up and down across the row. There are 7 triangles across the bottom of the rug. The row will end with a triangle tipped on it’s side like the one on the left that I started with. In the photo below,  you can see that I have passed the middle mark on this bottom edge. The fourth triangle, pointing down, is the center of the rug. I should be able to finish across the bottom and start up the right side before I post again next Wednesday. With a little luck, I may be able to start the first band as well. Here is the rug so far:

Border Rug -2