Persian Nain Rug Finale

Finally!! After a year and two weeks of stitching, this rug is finished. I worked on it each week for 3-5 hours, and 8-10 hours each of the last two weeks. I used 28 skeins of Pepper Pot Silk.

Here is the original rug:

Original Nain-1

And here is my adaptation:

Nain Finale

Persian Nain Rug designed and stitched by Jan (ThreadMedley)

13.75″ X 19.5″ on 18 count canvas (approximately 250 stitches X 350 stitches)

Charted with cross stitch software and can be stitched in needlepoint or cross stitch

I hope to have it up on my Etsy shop the end of next week. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Introducing Tumak by Gitta

I bought two patterns by Gitta from Canada about 2-3 years ago. I completed the first one last year – Koshka.


I decided to start the second pattern, called Tumak as a fill-in project while I work on the colors and stitches for my new Modern Tile design. It should be ready to go in a couple weeks. (The photo is on a slant because the title page is on shiny paper and it was the only way I could get a mostly decent photo.)


Both of these patterns are stitched on Congress Cloth and are about 6.5″ X 9″. I’ve decided to change the colors since I didn’t want the olive green colors and I wanted to use an overdye in the border. So my inspiration for colors was a project I did about 9-10 years ago called From Molehill to Mountain. My version is shown below.


I showed the very beginning of the border on my Needlepoint Projects for 2016 post about 10 days ago. I’ve continue to work on that border and have now added the edges of the border – done in Gobelin stitch over two rather than in Basketweave. You can see how the colors have changed. I’m using the dark green for all of the outlining for the piece. The background is Anchor 926 (DMC 3866), which is a little lighter than the beige Congress Cloth. All the threads are #8 perle cotton.

Tumak 3

Today I decided to outline the first motif so I can have a change of pace from stitching the same thing over and over on the outer border. I’m stitching from my stash as much as possible this year and only had to buy the 3 shades of green to stitch this design.

Once I have the Modern Tile ready to stitch, this will be put away for a while. The goal is to stitch only half of it this year, but you never know…

WIPocalypse 2016 – Introducing My Projects

I started a lot of cross stitch projects last year, so this year is the year to try to get some of them completed and off the list. There are also a couple of new pieces that need to be done this year. So here is my list and my goal for each project:

  1. Batman stocking (adapting from a cross stitch design) – start and complete this year
  2. Elephant stocking (adapting from a cross stitch design) – start and complete this year
  3. Persian Iris Mandala – My goal is to completely finish this one by the end of the year

Persian Iris 3rd corner-44. Father Christmas – complete pages 1-5 out of 30

Father C-75. Gossamer Fractal – finish – it’s half done and I haven’t touched it in over a year

Gossamer-76. Norfolk Diligence Sampler – would love to finish it this year

NF Sampler 117. Continue working on Hometown Holiday pieces – currently I have finished one this month and still have 3 in my stash – finish all 3 by the end of the year

8. Bright Sea Express – finish 2 of the 4 cars of the train

Express 59. Chapter Tiles – finish the one that is started

Chapter 2-310. Train stocking – finish and make into a stocking – The train is completed and I’ve started the village at the top.

Train St 10

11. 2 sets of ornaments for my granddaughters

12. Polar Express – finish

Polar-413. Patchwork Sampler Serenity – completes pages 1-3

14.  2 Mill Hill bead kits, maybe

15. Hopefully start the first of the 4 Stoney Creek seasonal banners

I enjoyed being part of this last year and I hope it continues to encourage me to get things finished this year and slowly decreases my stash of projects and threads.

Train Stocking – Milestone

No, I don’t have the stocking done yet. But the train itself is complete, along with the smoke and all the snow and trees around it!

Train St 10

Isn’t it gorgeous!! Now I have the muted village to stitch above the caboose and then the name of my DH. It won’t be done this month, but look for the finale in February.

Needlepoint Goals for 2016

Since I needed to do the cross stitch list for the year for WIPocalypse 2016, I decided to list my needlepoint goals for the year as well. So here is my list – I don’t expect to start the last two pieces on the list, but it never hurts to dream.

  1. First Moroccan stocking – pink and green
  2. Second Moroccan stocking – blue and copper
  3. Deconstructed Log Cabin – finished!
  4. Ghirardelli Square – get at least half done


5. Persian Nain Rug – finish

Nain 14

6. Madagascar rug – finish

Madagascar -2

7. Swans – get at least half done


8. Merry Christmas Kitty by Gay Ann Rogers – start and finish

9. Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Start

10. 3D cat piece – start and finish

11. Modern Tile – new design based on the photo below that I want to start and finish this year

Modern tile floor

12. Tumak rug by Gitta – get at least half done (6.5″ X 9″ on Congress cloth)


13. Persian pillow – finish design and start this year

14. Christmas Star – finish design and start this year

15. Zebra Dressed for Winter by CBK – hopefully start

16. Tropical Punch by DebBee Designs – hopefully start

It’s a daunting list, but I’m feeling good and optimistic! My hope is that I get half of them completed and off the list by the end of the year.

The cross stitch list will go up in a week. Happy stitching to all!

Hometown Holiday’s Fire Station – Finale

I had 3 charts from this series waiting to be stitched and I wanted to try and get caught up before another one was released. Didn’t happen – chart #10 The Tree Lot – arrived at my house on Monday. I have finished the Fire Station and still have 3 to go. Sigh…

Here’s the finished Fire Station before I stitched all the little extras.

Fire Station 3

After I had the top done and was working on the door at the bottom, I realized that the windows panes were supposed to be the red color. I think they look fine in brown and I didn’t want to tear it all out. Then I added the extras to the right of the station and here is the final piece.

Fire Station 4

I love the little dalmation and the fire hydrant!

I won’t start the next one for a few weeks. I’m starting two new needlepoint projects this week and continuing to work on the train stocking and the Nain Rug. I’m definitely working hard in the new year – and having a lot of fun.

Nain Rug – Progress 14

I started this rug January 10, 2015 and it’s still not completed after a whole year. But the center is completed.

Nain Center

I’m still working away on the rest of the piece. More background done, and a few more motifs filled in. It’s getting closer every week. I’m working on this 5 morning a week now until it is done. And I won’t show it again until it is finished. I’m still hoping to finish by the end of the month.

Nain 14