WIPocalypse 2015 – November

I’ve put away the Playful Snowmen ornaments until next year. This will be the only cross stitch I’ll work on downstairs until it is done.

The engine is now complete, but I need to finish the backstitching.

Train st 8

I’m hoping to have the backstitching done by the end of the weekend, as well as the smoke coming out of the  smokestack and the snow in the background where the cars meet. Then next week I can move on to the top part of the stocking. This stocking is for my DH and he’s enjoying seeing it come to life as much as I am.

Upstairs, I decided to pull out the mandala once again. Here is what it looked like on September 27th.

3rd corner-2

I’ve worked on it 4 mornings over the last two weeks, and I’ve gotten this far:

3rd corner-3

All the gold top stitching has been done on the portals and the first two buildings on this side. I’ll be turning the corner next weekend, I hope.

I haven’t been able to do a lot of stitching the last few months because of my hands. I think having two large projects upstairs to alternate in the mornings and two downstairs to alternate for the afternoons and evenings is the best for me. I will get things done but in a more relaxed time frame.

Deconstructed Log Cabin by Jeff Kulick – Progress 3

This is moving so nicely and I really love it!

I had hoped that the next section would finish the top right corner – but no. It’s on to the mini quilt section in the middle. This divides the piece up even more so you can see what is left to do.

Log Cabin-3

I only have two of the quilt squares completed and there are three rows of this to complete. I’ll have it done by next time.I also want to complete the outer borders. There’s only a little left at the bottom and most of the right side.

Everything moves along quickly when I have time to work on this. My hands don’t like me stitching on it for more than 45 minutes – so just 2-3 sessions a week. Needlepoint seems harder on my hands than cross stitch, for some reason.

Cross One Off the Bucket List

In March, the question for WIPocalypse 2015 was our Bucket List – What would be on the list if time and money wasn’t a factor. My List included 1 surface embroidery, 2 cross stitch, and 2 needlepoint projects. I have plenty in my stash to keep my going for years and knew I couldn’t afford to buy either of the  needlepoint canvases so I didn’t think I would ever get any of the 5 projects.

Update: I got mine from the Stitching Destashing Canvases Be Gone site. She was having a sale. All 3 Melissa Shirley birds that she had sold during the sale. I suggest finding out where Melissa Shirley is having trunk shows and see if you can get it cheaper that way. I just checked Canvases Be Gone site and she has the Quail available.

But last week I ran into a super sale and picked up one of the needlepoint canvases for less than half price. Too good to pass up! So here is Melissa Shirley’s Purple Heron, which arrived at my home yesterday.

MS Purple Heron

I spent a lot of time this morning going through my thread stash. I have the color for the background of the border, but will need to get more to stitch it all. I have all the other colors I need for the border in Splendor, so they have pulled them. Then I searched through all my silk overdyes to see what I can use for the main part of the canvas. I pulled several gray, purple and green ones that should work for the large heron and the grass/ground.

No, I can’t start this yet. I have other things to finish, but I can order stretcher bars for it and get it mounted up and ready to go. If I prop it up in the needlepoint room, I can start to think of stitches and be ready to go in January. WOW! Never dreamed that I would get to stitch this one – my first Melissa Shirley.

Hope your stitching brought you some joy today as well.

Persian Nain Rug – Progress 12

It actually looks like I made some progress this time. I added more motifs in the outer border along the right side, started filling in the corner motifs, and added all the outlines of the motifs across the bottom section in the photo. I’ve been working on the background in several areas as well. I just started to fill in the center medallion too. I’ll work a little on that each week as well. I’m getting there…


Monday, I’ll turn the rug so I can work on the top section. I want to outline the last pineapple and the last small flower motif. The two motifs with square corners need to have the circles added so I can continue to work the background around them.

I’m switching back to just 3 mornings a week again. I haven’t worked on the mandala in a month and I need to get back to it.

Deconstructed Log Cabin by Jeff Klick – Progress 2

I have completed the Waffle Stitch section of this piece – all 168 of them. This section used 7 different Watercolors. It has moved along quickly but I’m glad to move on to another section.

Log Cabin-2

I will continue to work on the outside borders. The white is done, since it doesn’t go all the way around the piece. But there are two more rows that need to be completed. And I want to start on the section on the top, right as well.

Batman Ornament – Progress 1

I needed something to get me started with my stitching again, so I pulled out this ornament that will be given to one of my sons for Christmas. It’s only 2.5″ wide, so it’s a quick stitch. This little design is one of the many that were designed – for comic book lovers – by Rogue Needlepoint Designs. I bought this one from Michelle at Come to the Point!

Batman orni-1

The back of the ornament is completed. I’m using only Needlepoint Inc silk. The bottom section was stitched in black and the light gray background on the top part were stitched in Nobuko and the rest was stitched in Basketweave. I’ve started the front, but I really need to stitch the black while I’m sitting outside so it’s easier to see. I’ve tried working with my Daylight lap and a white screen on my mini iPad on my lap. It helps but outside is better, so I’ll try to get that part done tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow I also have to pick up the train stocking and try to get some progress done there too.

WIPocalypse 2015 – October

Since I took a two week break from stitching to go to a wedding and rest my hands, I’m having trouble getting started again. I fear I won’t get things done for Christmas. We’ll see. I only worked on two pieces over the last two weeks – and not much on either of them.

Playful Snowmen ornaments – I’m still working on the first one and have two more to do for my granddaughters. Getting close on this one but it has a lot of backstitching as well.

Snowman 1-3

Train stocking – Still don’t have the bottom half completed. The cow catcher on the front of the train is done and I’ll be working my way up the rest of the engine now and filling in what little is around the sides of the train as well.

Train st 7

Hopefully I can get more done next month.

Our question this month – What fibers or materials used in stitching are you nervous to try? I don’t like rayon threads, but I do use some of them. I’ve never tried them in cross stitch though. Backstitching with metallic threads drives me crazy, and there is a lot of that in the mandala (which didn’t see any attention this month),