Mini Train of Dreams – Progress 2

I forgot to mention in the first post that this is the Mini version. That’s why it will be 4″ X 13″. I could never get the larger version done by July.

Here is the first 8 square completed (except for about 5 individual stitches that I’ll fill in this coming week. Each column is 8 squares tall plus 5 stitches. So I’ve done 41 rows of the 85 so far. There are some sections where they are a lot of stitches in the same color and they help me move along a little faster.

Dream Train 2

The green book will be easy to complete this week (down the first column) and then I can start on the rest of the section. My hope is to get 8 squares done every two weeks. We’ll see how that goes with stitching 5 afternoons each week – 1 or so hours per day.

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 3

I haven’t completed a lot on this project since last time I showed it to you. For the last week I’ve been trying to overcome my inability to count correctly in order to make progress. LOL

I did the narrow ribbon floss section without any problem. I did the new border on the left over several evenings. But those two trees got stitched and ripped out 3 times! I finally got them done correctly and the cabin too, and then discovered that I had stitched them 10 threads lower that they are on the chart. So out they came again. So this section is only half done right now.

Cabin 3

Tonight I’ll finish the cabin and start on the new border on the right side. Maybe tomorrow I can get the other two trees done on the first try. Then there is the grass to stitch below them – half #5 perle cotton and half ribbon floss. I’ll post again when that much is done.

Then it will be time to take it off the stretcher bars and move it so I can do the bottom half of the project. So I am making progress – slowly.

I’ve also had to deal with computer problems over the last week. I wasn’t able to do anything on the computer since the weekend – constant messages about being out of application memory. We tried everything we could think of (including downloading a clean copy of the operating system) and nothing helped. So yesterday we went off to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and came home a half hour later with a fully functioning computer. No viruses – but malware was discovered and dealt with. Whew!!!!

Now, happily, I’m back to stitching.

Train of Dreams – a Start

Here we go again! I’ve finished stitching for my family and up pops a list of things for DH’s family. There will be 2 weddings this year – I’ll stitch Wedding Records for them.

And at age 75, DH will be a grandfather for the first time! So I’m stitching a piece to be framed for the baby’s room – The Train of Dreams from ┬áHeaven and Earth Designs (HAED). I’ve had this in my stash for years. I love it but didn’t have a reason to stitch it.


Since it’s an HAED piece, you know there is a lot of changing colors so progress will be slow. I have until July to get this done.

Here is my first progress, a very small section of the red and green books on the left. I’m working two columns at a time. It’s only 8.5 squares tall and I’m working the top half right now. It’s one strand of floss over 1 thread and will be 4″ X 13.5″ when it is done.

Dream Train 1

Anatolia Rug – Progress 8

I decided to post one more progress report on this rug before the end of the year.

The middle section of the rug is now complete and I can turn it to work across the bottom of the rug to get it finished.

Anatolia 8

I’ve started the outline part of the keyhole medallion on the left. I’ll be able to alternate between filling in the keyhole and doing the outer border. Once a week I’ll work on the variegated background – it goes fast now that I’ll be working on narrow areas to get it finished. I hope to have it done some time in February.

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 2

Finally finished the second part of this design.

Cabin 2

Lots of Scotch stitches in 3 colors, diamonds are slanted stitches in #5 perle and ribbon floss with the crosses done in Kreinik. It took some time since I only worked on it about 45 minutes at a time. The border on the right side is done and will change as I stitch the next section. I just started the narrow band below it in ribbon floss Monday night and hope to get more of that done tonight.

Mill Hill Ornament – Polar Bear

I’ve had this little ornament in my stash for at least 3 years.

I started it just before Christmas since I had another week before the end of the year. I finished the cross stitching yesterday. So today was adding beads and cutting it out. Here he is all finished.

I completed 22 projects this year. Not a bad year at all.

Polar Bear

I saw this on another blog earlier today. I guess he is a popular fellow.

Hometown Holiday – Tree Lot Finale

I finished this last Monday and forgot to post it. Guess I’ve been busy with other things. LOL

This is the 11th piece from this series to be completed. I have one more, but do not have enough fabric to stitch it. It’s been moved to the 2017 list.

Tree Lot Finale

I love the little red truck!!

On to other projects, including two new cross stitch projects that I will show you when I’ve made some progress.