Bear Paw Coaster

Here’s another adaptation of a quilt pattern. You can see the Bear Paw clustered in the center of the coaster, one paw per square. OrientalBearPawThis is another 3 inch coaster so it’s a good way to use up some of your stash. I prefer to use overdyes for the four box borders, ThreadWorx or Watercolors, and then solid colors for the bear paw and the background. This particular coaster was done with a Needle Necessities overdye for the boxes. A dark green would be a good choice for the paw, but I went with a golden brown. Fill in the background with any stitch you choose. Since the interior of each square is an odd number, I wasn’t able to continue to fill in the background using the Scotch Stitch, so I used a Byzantine stitch. I’ve used this pattern in some of my boxes as well. With the boxes, the design is a little larger and the Scotch Stitch works for the entire background.

You can use any threads you have in your stash – cottons, silks, wools, metallics, or any combination. The background doesn’t have to be white either. In this version, I used a colored background and it still looks great! Use your imagination and create color combinations that fit your style and color scheme. This is another pattern where you could make a set of coasters with thread left over from another larger project you have completed to reinforce the color scheme you have established.

RoseBearPawPatterns for these coasters will be coming the end of January. Please don’t copy my patterns.


3 responses to “Bear Paw Coaster

  1. Jan —

    As you know, I just love these and can’t wait for the pattern to be out. I even have a couple of coasters in my stash and have picked out my threads to make them already.

    Good thing it’s not ready yet or I’d drop what I need to do and stitch these.

    Keep Stitching,

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