A New Rug Motif

I added a new motif to the rug last night. This is motif #11 and was shown in an earlier post when I was trying out different stitches to recreate motifs and borders. I noticed that the main part of this motif looks like a Sprats Head stitch and that is what I used. It’s just perfect! I’m not sure the little diamonds separating the motif repeats are all that visible. I’ll have to think about this a little more before I complete this row on the rug. Here is a close-up of the motif in the original piece and my version.

Original Motif11MMotif-11








 Maybe I should change the color of the little diamonds to white like they are in the original.

I did change the diamond spacers between the motifs quite a bit. This was done because of the small size I’m using for this rug.


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