Final Border

Last night I stitched the last of the new borders for the Moroccan rug. I started the last motif, but the count is off, so I stopped. The half diamond on the right turned out properly. In the full diamond, the red diamonds don’t fit – there aren’t enough holes available. I couldn’t figure out where the problem was, and decided to start fresh today. So I’ll pull it out the red diamond I was working on and try to figure out what I did wrong. Then I’ll redo it and have a photo of this motif tomorrow. Black stitches will be added to the red triangles in between the large white diamonds. I had planned for this motif to be wider than the others as it is in the middle of the rug, so I may need add to it for the count to be correct. We’ll see.On the left is the original border and motif. On the right is my adaptation.






By final, I don’t mean the rug is complete. I mean this is the exact middle of the rug, the last NEW motif. I will finish this last motif and then work the rest of the borders and motifs in reverse order to complete the rug. Then I will have to decide if I need to add an edge to complete the rug. I should also take the time to redo the one border where the black background is too sparse to cover the canvas. My second attempt at that particular border worked out well.

I will also do a post on what I have learned in this sample project, and why I have spent the time doing this.


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