Last New Motif

Looking at the rug as a whole, I felt there wasn’t enough red, so the middle motif here is predominately red – the main color in most Moroccan rugs. I’ve redone the new motif. I found out I was right about the number of threads. That’s why the count was off. I had to add two more threads to the area to make the motif work properly. The photo yesterday showed the white diamonds going over 10 threads for each diagonal thread. I needed to use 11 threads for each of these long, white stitches. I also found it stitches faster if I do the red diamond shapes first and then stitch the white around them. Things moved along quickly after that – I used two needles, one for the white and one for the red. Then I added the black stitches to break up the red a little. I also took the time to repeat the border that was stitched below this new motif. 


It took a month to get all the borders and motifs tested and stitched. I will spend the next week repeating all the borders and motifs of the rug in reverse order. Since I don’t have to test and redo any of these sections, it should go a lot faster. I’ll do a post in a day or two about what I’ve learned while doing this rug and give you the reason behind it.


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