Reasons for Moroccan Rug


First off, I forgot to list one thing that I learned from this project. The band with the red and yellow cross stitches – I’m going to play with that some more. Some of the motifs are added after a solid colored band has been completed. I’m going to try doing basketweave first then stitch over it.

Reasons – This is something I’ve always wanted to do – learn about Berber rugs and try making them as needlepoint. But there is another reason as well. I’ve been accepted to the Master Needle Artist program of the American Needlepoint Guild. This program is designed to to help the me (and others) strive toward creative development of my talents by learning to adapt historical art from a period of my choice. There are four phases and I’ve just finished the first one. So I’ve researching now. I need to:

1. Study my historical period’s art (Berber and Moroccan rugs and textiles going back to 1500 B.C.) to learn how they were created and what materials and stitches were used.

2. Study color and design from the period.

3. Design and create my own art based on what I have learned about Berber rugs and textiles. NOT copy, but create designs that have the color, texture and feel of the Berber originals.

This rug project was not part of the MNA program – just a learning tool for me. And I learned a lot, as listed yesterday and today.

There are over 20 people now enrolled in the MNA program. Over the next year or two you are going to have a lot of new designers creating designs are original, unique and tempting you to stitch more. I hope you will continue to follow my progress.

Next is a post about a great and unique gift for the needlepoint people on your list. You can also give the gift to yourself as a treat – I did!!

2 responses to “Reasons for Moroccan Rug

  1. I am so thrilled that this is going on – It has been my mantra for 40 years, this trying to get people to research and do their own creative designing with their own talent and ideas. Great job you’re doing – I’m fascinated.

  2. Hello folks, I just went akross this awesome forum through google and I like the especialy this form. I really like the design and the team does its job verry good.
    I´m Andrew and I´m pleased to be here 🙂


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