Unique Needlepoint Gift Idea

I prefer Anchor threads over DMC and my LNS doesn’t sell them. A few years ago I went searching on the Internet for a store that sells them and has an online catalog so I could order them whenever I needed specific colors. I found a place in PA and Jennifer and I have established a great friendship over the years.

My husband wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas and asked about needlepoint stuff. I proposed this idea to him, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to email Jennifer and so forth. So I decided to treat myself! I wrote to Jennifer and told her I needed white mono canvas, white Congress Cloth and some threads. Was she up to a little fun? She said yes.

I told her I wanted to add a little to my stash. I would give her some suggestions on colors and threads and SHE would do all the selections.

She wanted to know if they were all going to be used in the same project -No

Did I want to try some Ribbon Floss – Yes

How much can I spend – Gave her a dollar amount (including the cost of canvas)

Colors – I don’t have much red, black or yellow

Thread – Kreinik 1/16 ribbon (which I love), Snow in different color and Watercolors  

She picked out everything she thought I would like and added a few other threads too. My early Christmas present arrived late last week and this is what I got:

Stash5 Watercolors, 5 silk ribbon floss, 7 Kreinik 1/16 ribbon, 3 Snow

Did you know that Kreinik made a two-tone ribbon – this one on the left goes from red to purple and back to red.

You’ll notice that even if they aren’t all used in the same project, most of them can be mixed and matched. I see Moroccan coasters in that red Watercolors. Now to decide what to make using some of those new threads.


2 responses to “Unique Needlepoint Gift Idea

  1. I have that red Watercolours – it makes tiny little rosebuds on a vine on needlepoint CQ, as well as holly berries, etc. on leaves. Be sure to get several miles of the YLI ribbon floss in white – both “original” and “shimmer blend” and you’ll be set. What a wonderful gift – a brand new addition to your stash!

  2. Yummy! I didn’t know “Snow” came in colors! I wonder how it is to work with? And oooooh I’ve got to find some of that two-tone Kreinik! I’m a big Kreinik fan, but hadn’t seen that. I’ll be looking forward to see what you do with these luscious threads!

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