Creating a Quilt Pattern

You already know that I love translating quilt patterns into needlepoint. I decided to show you the process I go through. This is a pattern that I liked the first time I saw it.



MeadowPartI knew I didn’t want to do the entire quilt, so I had to decide where to cut the original so I would have a smaller design that would have a distinctive look. This picture on the right is what I came up with. Not what you expected, is it?

Then I had to decide what colors to use and what my overall design goal would be. I’ve thought a lot about how to make needlepoint quilts look like real quilts made with fabric. How do I put in lots of colors, the patterns of the fabric, and still keep the overall look and feel of a quilt? This would be the goal for this particular project.


Now for the colors to use. In order to imitate fabric I decided to use overdyed floss. In regular quilts you use many different fabrics, so why not do the same for threads? I pulled out lots of overdyed floss and found four threads that have similar colors and would work together. Here’s a photo of my overdyed threads. There are shades of olive green, rust, beige and gray. Then I pulled floss in several shades of each of those main colors.





Now it was time to figure out how to imitate fabric. I decided that the four squares in the middle would be done in Milanese with solid color floss to fill in the spaces.

The squares in the four corners are done in Alternating Scotch, each corner done completely with ONE of the overdyed floss colors. Then it was time to fill in all the triangles. When it was all done, here is how it looked. It’s mounted in a Sudberry box.


I’ve received many compliments on this design, even from a lot of quilters. In the next post, I’ll show you two more color schemes for this design, done with one and with two overdyed threads.





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