Another Version of the Meadow

I usually don’t like bright or wild colors in my designs, but I know some people do. With that in mind, I went searching for wildly colored overdyed floss. I found one with orange, gold, and light brown and another with purple, pink, and orange.  Since there are only two threads this time, you will see that one set of opposite corners are done in one thread. the other two corners are done with the second thread.

NeonMeadowThen someone asked me to make a set of coasters. She like the original version of the Meadow, but wanted different colors to go with her decor. She asked for green and rose. I had the perfect overdye for that. I had used it for a large project for my home. The only problem was that the design was too big for a coaster. I told her I would have to use a different canvas (Congress Cloth) and would probably have to do a border to make it the right size. I did one and sent her a photo by email. With her approval, I finished the rest of the set of four coasters. Here is the final version, done with only ONE overdye and threads in rose, green, and beige pulled from the overdyed floss.

MeadowCoasterActually, I think this is my favorite of the three. That’s probably because it’s a color scheme that I already have in my home and really like.

I’ll be taking a few days off now. Hope all of you have a Happy Holiday and find some time to stitch!


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