Adapting Moroccan Tiles

I’ve picked out some photos of Moroccan Tiles that I want to adapt to needlepoint.I started this one a few days ago. Here is the original tile.

MarrakechOriginalI decided to try this with the same colors as the Moroccan rug for the first version. You don’t see red tiles very often in Morocco, but I love the colors. After I get the kinks out of the pattern, then I’ll pull threads that are closer to the original shown here.

I decided to use Basketweave for the black centers, to keep them nice and flat. All the other stitches are Scotch Stitch done over 4 threads instead of the usual 3 three threads. The pattern looks good and is working out very well so far. Once I have finished a square about two and a half inches across, I’ll do a border, but not the one shown above. The canvas size is too small for that. Here’s is what I’m stitched so far.

Marrakesh1Since I’m still working on this design, I’m playing with the colors as well. The overdyed red thread is three strands of floss, and there are two different ones used. The tiles laid horizontally are a bit darker than the ones that are laid vertically. I also used two shades of gold, alternating bright and dark gold. In the next version, I won’t do that. Only one shade of each color will be used. I’ll post again in a few days when this first tile is completed.


3 responses to “Adapting Moroccan Tiles

  1. It’s going to be beautiful, as usual – but you really have to do it again for me in the Persian blue of the tile – the history of that glaze is fascinating! One of my favorites. I love to watch other people work while I loaf.

  2. Very pretty pattern. The changes in color are a little hard to see here, but will undoubtedly be more apparent in your next version when you use only one color of the red and gold. Keep up the good work!

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