First Moroccan Tile Needlepoint Done

This first version of the Marrakesh Tile is complete. I did a double border like the often do with tile floors. The first row is the Cashmere Stitch done over 2 threads in dark gold #8 perle. The final row of the border is my favorite Scotch done over 4 threads in black, also #8 perle. I think this pattern looks good.

RedMarrakeshI always do a new coaster pattern in cotton threads. That way I don’t feel guilty about wasting good threads if it doesn’t turn out well. That isn’t the case here. I do  like the way this turned out and will definitely do another version of it. And I’ll try a different tile border on it. The black squares on the outer border don’t show up very well. I’ll use colors more like the ones in the original photo of the tile floor. Maybe I’ll try some of those pretty new threads I got at Christmas.

5 responses to “First Moroccan Tile Needlepoint Done

  1. Good job Jan! I’d like to see it done in another colorway, too. The red definitely dominates & makes it look like a completely different pattern than the origianl. I just love the way color works!!!

  2. Jan —

    This is really great, I can’t wait to see it in the other colors.

    You also get some complements from me for being a great enabler. Because of your Moroccan rug, I am buying a huge book of tribal rug designs I saw at the de Young yesterday.

    But the book must weigh 5 pounds, so I’m ordering it from Amazon.

    Keep Stitching,

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