Playing With Moroccan Tile Colors

I’ve been playing with colors, trying to find three colors to make another Marrakesh Tile using more traditional tile floor colors. Blue is a very common color on walls and floors, so that’s what I’m playing with today. The following are three color schemes I’ve come up with, but I’m not really excited by any of them.



This one uses an #8 overdye that is light blue and light gray. The other shades of gray and blue are Splendor. This reminds somewhat of my master bath floor tile. The gray in the overdye is more silver, so the gray used in the center of the pinwheel part looks too dull. I may have to switch to floss to find a closer match.






This second photo uses two shades of Splendor and a wool/silk overdye that is off-white with a touch of rose and beige. I thought it would look like tumbled marble tiles that are used so much today. The lighter blue centers look dirty or gray. I’ll have to try a lighter blue maybe.






This third photo probably comes the closest to what I’m trying for. But I complicated it by using two different dark blues, since I couldn’t decide which to use.  I will have to decide which of the two to use as both wouldn’t look good on a full design. The yellow is Splendor. The white is Neon Rays. The two pinwheel’s on the left are Neon Rays and the one on the right is Flair. I don’t really care for Flair, but it actually think the blue is the best of the threads I’ve tried.


So what do you readers think? What works? What doesn’t?

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to make the decisions? This is usually the fun part for me, but I’m not sold on any of them just yet.


4 responses to “Playing With Moroccan Tile Colors

  1. The top one is pretty – looks like the small glass mosaic tiles my SIL installed in my daughter’s shower. I like the bottom one, tho’, for color and effect – it has character and personality. Flair works for some things, altho’ it isn’t my favorite. The color looks good. You need to find Caron’s Soie Cristale, which is my favorite of the silks. It has more sheen and lies flatter than Splendor

  2. I like the top one, but I always like more subdued color schemes! I have to really TRY to do anything remotely bright! What if you used a metallic silver instead of the gray? I don’t like Flair either, use it rarely as I tend to pull it too tight and it will NEVER block out!

  3. Thank you all. I love hearing all the comments. And no takers on the middle combination – interesting. Okay then, I’ll see what I can do about perking up the first and last ones and get some coasters made over the weekend. Right now I’m playing with henna patterns again. Stay tuned.

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