Playing with Henna Patterns – Part Two

Last time I played with henna designs, I only worked on the  eight-pointed star. So this week I’ve been playing with the smaller designs that can be used as borders. These little elements are all from the henna hands shown in a previous post – Adapting More Moroccan Art



I liked this simple little element. I started with the little squares done in Scotch and then added the connecting lines. The square on the left needs to be moved to the left one more thread. Note to self – do the lines first.  It looks okay, but the squares are supposed to be on point. Okay. On to the next try – making them on point. Didn’t like this one at all, so decided to work on a different pattern for a while.





Later in the evening I came up with the solution. Put the connecting stitches on the diagonal and then do the squares. Now they are on point – perfect. I’m thinking this element would look good on the four corners of a design.






This pattern was fairly easy, but I had to try it two different ways to see which would be better. I think I like the smaller version, without the spaces between the lines.


Pattern4This is another easy pattern, done two ways of course. I like both versions. When I get a final design finished, I’ll need to  decide which one would work the best. 


Pattern5I’m not sure about this one. It looks good on the hands I showed in an earlier post, but I’m not sure it would looks as good in a stitched design. The spaces on the top and bottom of the zigzag were filled with large dots in the original. I didn’t want to do French Knots. I just put a small X in those places. I thought a Smyrna Cross would be too much, though with just a couple strands of floss it might work. More playing time is needed.


One response to “Playing with Henna Patterns – Part Two

  1. I like the motif on the bottom, and agree that French Knots wouldn’t be quite right. I also like the smaller version of the other motif – the one you prefer. This is fascinating to watch!!

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