Another Version of the 8 Point Star

Not only is the 8 point star a common element in Moroccan Art, it’s formed in many ways. The first Henna post showed one version. Today is another version, made by putting two squares on top of each other.



In this photo on the left, it is easy to see how the 8 point star is formed. Now I can start to play with the design and see how many ways I can make it. On the right is my first try. Just three stitches to form a triangle, half on straight lines, and half on diagonal lines.







My next try was filing in the entire shape. I used scotch stitch for the image of one square which is underneath and then straight stitches for the top square. This might work with a few adjustments. Scotch done over 4 threads instead of 3 would make it look more solid. The straight stitches could be done in floss or ribbon laid so they fill in better. I’ll have to try that.






One more try, a little bigger. I made the 8 point star in the center using chevrons like the first 8 point star. Then I added a second layer of little squares around the chevrons, some on the diagonal and some straight. Again it might look better with floss or ribbon that can be laid.

Now if I could just get an idea of a design using some of these little motifs I’ve been playing with. I’ll let the little motifs dance in my head for a day or two and see what happens.





After thinking about it overnight, I came up with one more version. I moved the four little squares closer together and then did long stitches across through the middle of each side to imitate the second square. One straight stitch and then two that crossed in the middle. That’s enough playing with this one for a while.


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