My Henna Design

I’ve had an idea of what I want to do with all the little motifs and patterns I’ve been playing with, but it hasn’t become a full design yet.



Here is the doodle canvas that I’ve been working on. You’ve seen little bits of it over the last few weeks.  I do have one more motif that I’ve been playing and haven’t shown you. If I decide to use a version of it in the final design, I’ll explain it at that time.






I decided last week that this was going to be the layout for the Henna Design. It’s a six inch square. The corners are 18 stitch squares. Borders will be 12 stitches wide. Now I need to determine what motifs and patterns will be used, and where they will be placed.






The 8 Point Star is such a common motif in Moroccan rugs, textiles, and embroideries that I want to feature it in the center of the canvas. This will be a version of the first 8 Point Star I did on the doodle canvas. The corners will be a version of the smaller 8 point star that is made by overlaying two small squares. You can also see from this photo that the overall design has a square inside a square. Repetition of a motif is one way to create designs. You may or may not see more as the design develops.

I’ve made a few other decisions on patterns, but I’m not going to give you any more previews. As I begin stitching this week, you’ll see more photos.


2 responses to “My Henna Design

  1. I’ve been watching you study this, and as a henna artist, I just can’t wait to see the end result!

    Will it be for sale, or are you making it for yourself?

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