Last Marrakesh Version

I started with the rug colors – red, black, gold. Then I did a more modern version – pale blue overdye, light blue, and silver. Here’s the last version of this tile – traditional white, yellow, and bright blue.

For this version, I used perle #8 cotton for the white and yellow. The beautiful blue is Flair. I don’t particularly like working with this thread, but the color and the shine made it perfect for this tile. On Congress Cloth, Flair doesn’t lay flat, but even doubled over, it looks good and shines in the light.


I really like all three versions (but I think this is my favorite). And it shows how you can use any combination of three colors  to create a beautiful tile coaster. Now it’s time to create a new Moroccan tile pattern. Hopefully, the end of next week.


2 responses to “Last Marrakesh Version

  1. I think this is my favorite color combo. It’s amazing how a pattern can shift shapes with color changes. I don’t like Flair either, but use a lot of it because I like the surface texture. It’s different.

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