Henna Design – Part 2

Let’s start with the center of the canvas. I have three shades of floss, so I started with the lightest shade and stitched the triangle shapes first. Then I outlined with the darkest shade – good contrast and it shows off the 8 point star nicely. I want to do another version of the 8 point star around it. It’s started in the photo below. I used Copper colored Snow to add a little shimmer to the design.

Henna8Pt-StartNext I worked on the corners. Again, it’s a version of the 8 point star. Repeating a motif provides balance and unity to the overall design. The corner stars were done with floss for the small squares that represent the underneath square. The top square is stylized with the stitches done in Goldrush 18. Straight stitches were placed in each direction first to start the “corners” of the top square. Then two long stitches were crossed in the middle. This gives the illusion of a corner in areas between the floss squares, as shown below.

HennaCornersThe final photo for today shows the overall design as it appears today. Next I’ll finish the second layer of the 8 point star in the center and then work on the borders along the four sides.


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