Henna Design – Part 4

In the side borders, I’ve included a new motif. It’s called the Eye. Some perceive this as the Evil Eye, but it’s actually the opposite. The eye watches for the evil eye and protects you from it. In the center of the small motif is a +. This symbolizes that evil is deflected in all four directions. It can be represented by an oculus (actual eye shape), a triangle or group of triangles, concentric diamonds, or the symbol I have used in the border. It was stitched using 4 strands of floss for the light color and six strands of floss for the eye. 

The second motif in the border is one I played with on the doodle canvas. I had put little Xs under the zigzag lines, but didn’t want to do that in the final design. That finishing touch will come later. This was stitched with 4 strands of floss in the lighter color. In between the zigzag lines is a dotted line done with Copper Snow.

HennaSideNow I have a completed center star and four completed borders. I’m almost done, but the center of the square still needs some work. 

HennaBordersStay tuned. Sunday is the grand finale!

4 responses to “Henna Design – Part 4

  1. Such a nice clean design and the colors are wonderful. Isn’t it interesting how motifs seem to carry through from one ethnic group to another–even over thousands of miles. I’ve seen similar symbols in my research on Pueblo Indian designs. Guess it all boils down to reducing elements of nature to a common denominator.

  2. Anne,
    I’ve noticed this too. Some Moroccan textiles have paisley and that came from India. Others have camels and other animals, which is typical of southern Africa (where the berbers did a lot of trading). I have to stop and look at Navajo rugs too because many of the motifs are similar there as well. We live in a very large melting pot, don’t we?

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