Henna Finale

I know I said Sunday, but this is ready to go and I want to see what everyone thinks about the final design.

So here is the Henna Design all finished! 

HennaFinaleI wanted to create a feeling of the lace work that Catherine of The Henna Page did on the original picture I posted here. I really wanted to use a metallic ribbon for this part. I tried a Kreinik 1/16 ribbon that had copper and black – it was too dark and detracted from the overall design, so I ripped it out. Then I tried a Kreinik ribbon that was just Copper – too red, so I ripped it out. Copper Neon Rays – way too red. (I’m beginning to feel like Goldilocks!) So I went back to the drawer of Kreinik and found a #16 braid that is lighter than the floss used in this project, but doesn’t detract from the design. When I tried one corner, it looked okay, and that’s what I used for all the lace. The edge of the lace that forms the center square was stitched with a copper color of Frosty Rays.

Stitching was all done, so it was time to set it where I could see if often and think about any tweaking I could do to enhance the design. Time for the bead drawer. I’m not a fan of beading – no particular reason. But a few beads would be the right touch here. Above and below the zigzag lines I put small light amber beads. Then on the lace, I put a matte finish olive bead at each intersection of the metallic braid. Henna artist do sometimes add another color to their design, like turquoise or green. Here’s a close-up of the corner with the beads.

dsc_01441I’m pleased with the finished design and I thank all of you for coming along on the journey. And I want to again thank Catherine at The Henna Page for allowing me to post her designs and letting me adapt them to needlepoint.

Oh, don’t worry. I’ve already decided what to study next. Tuesday, I’ll give photos of my inspiration. And the journey will start again.

5 responses to “Henna Finale

  1. It’s wonderful to view the step-by-step construction of the design and follow your thought process. A lovely design–each individual element striking in itself, and combining to form a cohesive, appealing whole. Good job!

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