Rug Decision Time

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but didn’t get inspired until my husband made a comment yesterday. We’ve been in our new home for two years and he was commenting that we still don’t have anything for over the bed in the master bedroom. So he commented that I should make something a little larger that we could hang in our bedroom. Aha!!

FullBlueRubI did  Jean Hilton design done all in blues and browns to go in our bedroom. I posted a photo in a previous post. So I now know that I’ll be working on the blue rug design from my previous post. Here is a photo of the full rug instead of just a detail. This rug will be done on 14 count canvas using Silk & Ivory using mostly blues and browns. Over the next few days I will try to determine how much thread and what colors I need and place an order for it. I have the canvas, though it is in two pieces. I’ll do two 15 inch squares and then sew them together so they can be framed and hung over the bed. 

Since this is such a large project, progress will be slower than other projects I’ve done. So when there isn’t much to show you, I’ll continue to do small projects like coasters using Moroccan motifs. And I want to do a smaller design from the last rug in my last post – the off-white with lots and lots of colors. It will probably be about 6 inches square like the henna design. Lots to look forward to.

2 responses to “Rug Decision Time

  1. Hooray! You picked the blue! If you’re working on two 15-in. squares, how do you plan to sew them together so the seam doesn’t show? Or are you planning to incorporate the seam as a design feature–with a look similar to Persian saddle bags?

  2. If the rug is that small, just use one big piece of canvas. I’ve done rugs that were 36″ or more diameter, and it’s no trouble at all – would look better than a seam.

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