Henna Star Coaster

I like the way the center of the henna design looked when it was all done. So I decided to make it into a coaster. And, of course I had to get out the overydye threads. On my first attempt, I used Watercolors Geranium for the outer star and light and dark floss for the inner star. By itself, it looked a little bland. I wanted to keep it simple, but it needed a boundary. I made a single row of stitches at the edge of the coaster to help anchor the center star. I then added large Smyrna Crosses to the corners and the center in Watercolors.

HStarRedI think the border needs to be a little wider and the Smyrna Crosses need to be moved in a little from the corners. The second attempt corrected these two details and I changed colors to one of my favorites – teal with yellow. The outer star is done in Watercolors. The Smyrna Crosses are done with Needle Necessities Butterfly Island. I think it looks better than the first attempt.

HStarTealThe third version has no changes except for the canvas and threads. I used a dark blue canvas and stitched it with pale blue and silver. Nice and frosty for the winter (even though the weather isn’t frosty here at my house).



2 responses to “Henna Star Coaster

  1. These are very pretty. Teal and yellow is one of my favorites – but I love the “frosty” one too. It’s hot in Austin now. I would love a little bit of frosty weather.

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