Blue Rug Motifs

I’ve been playing with some of the motifs already and trying to get an idea of how this rug will look. I’ve ordered all the Silk & Ivory thread in the colors I want to use and I have a few colors here at home. The 13 ct. canvas is on its way as well. (Thank you Judy for talking me out of using two separate pieces.) I hope to be able to start by the end of next week, so it’s time to get serious here. I have tried several of the motifs from all of the rugs. This  first one won’t be used in the blue rug, but I love it and will find a project where it will fit at a later time.

MulticolorMotifMyMultiColorThe top photo is from the multi-colored rug from my inspiration post. The bottom photo is my first attempt at adapting it. It’s okay, but when I decide to use it in a project, I’ll probably try to improve it.

Now to the blue rug. The first photo is not from the blue rug, but I’m going to use it at the beginning and end of the rug along with plain bands before I start on the other motifs.

SnakeThis motif is called Snake Skeleton. I won’t be using the different colors above and below it. I’ll use solid color bands instead. I’ll probably use two different colors for the little diamond shapes, alternating them. A simple motif at the beginning and end will look nice, soothing before and after the more complicated motifs.

Okay, just one more for today. A motif called a Nose. I used a similar motif on the red rug that I stitched earlier. I used Silk & Ivory to do this sample to get an idea of how well it would work and I really like the feel and how it looks. The three little bands will be used in between each repeat of the pattern. The little triangles need more work. I’m not happy with them yet. I’ve got a week to figure out how to make changes in this motif as it will be the first of the main motifs I will need to work on. The first photo is from the actual rug and the second photo is my adaptation. It’s a start but lots more work to come.


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