More Blue Rug Playing

I’m working on the first of the larger zigzag motifs for the rug. I’m having trouble getting something that looks decent. Here is the motif I’m working on in the actual rug.


I’ve got the zigzag part figured out, as shown in the photo below.

MyBlueZigzagRemember, the colors will change drastically when I work on the actual blue rug. These are colors I know I won’t be using, so they are good to play with. I’ve tried three different things for the space between the zigzags so far and ripped them all out. Then I tried working on the inside of the diamond. I may have that part figured out. I’ll work on that a little more and then post a new photo when the entire motif is completed.

I also want to show you how I’m laying out the rug, so I can start next week. I’m working on the various motifs in the order I want to use them. So far, I’ve got two motifs ready to go as I showed in the last post. I will do four rows of basketweave in dark brown. The motif, the Snake Skeleton, will be next. It’s nine stitches wide. It will be followed by another four rows of basketweave in dark brown. After this fairly plain start, I’ll do the Nose motif. My rough sketch below shows this much of the rug and has notes all over it. Notes about how wide and how tall the motifs are so I can make sure they fit nicely in the dimensions that I’m using – 15 inches by 30 inches. And notes on the colors I want to use for each part of the motif. When I have the actual threads in hand, these colors could change. These elements will be repeated at the other end of the rug as well. Now that I have done a sample of each of these elements, I can put them on the computer. This is about 3 inches of stitching at each end of the rug – only 24 more inches to design! 

DraftPattern1You can tell I’ve already made some changes to the Nose element. This is definitely a work in progress.


2 responses to “More Blue Rug Playing

  1. The diamonds in your stitched sample look a little more squared-off than the ones in the photo. Do you have a space constraint in that band of the rug that you need to work around?

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