Blue Rug Motifs #3

In response to a question about my last post, I know that the diamonds in the motif I’m working on are more square that diamond-shaped. I’m doing this because I don’t want the individual motifs to be too large. I want to have room for as many motifs as possible in this rug. Each  motif will be repeated in the second half of the rug so space is running out quickly. In adapting a real rug to needlepoint, I want my version of the rug to have the look and feel of the original, but it shouldn’t be a duplicate of the original. We’ll see how things turn out. 

I have completed the first zigzag motif finally. I tried so many variations that I just didn’t like, but hope this one will be the final. The only part that I’m not sure about is the off-white in the center. I still may change that a little over the next week.

Zigzag-1BWith that one finished, I turned to the next version of the Nose. This one is much wider than the first one. I continued with the Sprat’s Head stitch, but modified it to leave a hole in the middle. Here’s a photo of the original design. The new Nose motif is shown in two separate rows.

Nose-2And here is my adaptation of it. I’m finding the Nose motif easy to work with and like this version of it even better than the first one.


I’ll need to get these completed motifs onto the computer now. I’ve already started the second of the zigzag motifs that you will see in a few days,


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