Choosing Colors

I have too many things going right now. Several small projects I’m trying to finish up quickly and several bigger projects that I will work on slowly over the rest of the year. Now I’ve added another one. Our chapter president has given us a 9 Patch challenge. We can use the two coaster patterns that I taught everyone in January (Bear Paw and 8 Point Star) and the pretty little heart project from this month. Each month in our chapter newsletter, she will give us another pattern to put in the 9 Patch. One square we have to create on our own. I already know what I’ll do for that one. The sashing between the squares and the border will be our own as well.

So I dug out overdyed threads and played for a while. Put them all away and started again. Here is the overdye I chose – a Valdani #8 perle. I’m going to use Congress Cloth for my 9 Patch.

Valdani9PatchThis is not in my comfort zone. I’ve never been a purple person. Then I needed to find other threads to go with this overdye. I pulled floss, #8 perle and some #4 Kreinik Braid. Here’s everything I have to work with so far. You’ll notice that I didn’t pick a true purple. I picked Amethyst from Anchor and hope it will work.

9PatchThreadsThe canvas in on its scroll frame and I’ve decided what to do for the sashing between the squares. I’ll work on this 1-2 times a week and post pictures as I finish a square, maybe once a month.


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