Blue Rug Motifs #4

Inching my way closer to the middle of the rug. First is a small border. I’ll be using this before and after the middle motif in the rug. It will have 3 rows of basketweave before and after it in a different color – a nice separation before the largest of the zigzag motifs. Very simple – just basketweave with a small motif stitched over it.

borderbI learned from the red rug I did first. Doing long stitches for the background and then stitching over it didn’t cover very well. This will look much better.

The next motif is the second of the zigzag motifs that I will be using. The third zigzag motif will be the largest and will be in the center of the rug. Like I did with the red rug, I won’t be showing you that one. That will be a nice surprise when I get to the middle of this large project. Here is the second zigzag motif as it appears in the actual rug.

motifcThe triangles above and below the zigzags are the most challenging. I haven’t been able to create anything that I think is close to this. I’ll continue working on it, as it is repeated in the last zigzag too. Here is my adaptation. I only did one of the triangles but you get an idea of how it will look.

motifdI’m still waiting for my threads to arrive, and really getting itchy fingers. I want to get started. I’ll be playing with a lot more colors, so maybe there will be some variation in the colors used for the triangles.

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