Last Small Blue Rug Motif

Here is the final small motif for the blue rug. It was taken from the brown rug on my inspiration post. It also shows the triple band that will go above this motif in the blue rug. The last of the large zigzags will be just above the triple band in the exact middle of the rug. 

smbrownmotifThe second photo is my adaptation of it. There will obviously be more stitching around it, but I just wanted to show the elements of the motif. The rest will come later when I’m stitching the rug itself.

lastsmMotifThe photo is a little dark – it’s getting ready to rain here – actually by tomorrow it will be pouring with up to 5 inches of rain expected.

It took several days to get something I liked on this one. On the left is the completed motif, but I wasn’t pleased with it. So I went back and added a second color in between the off-white stitches. When I do the rug, I’ll put in the second color first and the lighter color on top. I didn’t go all the way around with the second color – just three stitches above and below the center V on the left and right sides. I’m satisfied with it now. And a background will be added to fill in the areas around the diamond shape and the intersecting lines between the motifs.

The last zigzag motif is almost done, but you don’t get a peek on that one. I always hold one back as a surprise. I got a lot done last night after taking a day off from the project. Now I can update the graph with all the motifs to make sure it’s the correct size. Everyone think positive, please. We need the Silk & Ivory to show up so I can start. I’m going crazy with all the waiting.


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