Blue Rug Progress #1

You’ve been waiting patiently, so I worked hard over the weekend and here is the first part of the rug. There are 4 rows of basketweave, the Snake Skeleton motif, and then 4 more rows of basketweave. Here’s the close-up.

SnakeMotifThe basketweave is obviously dark brown. The Snake Skeleton didn’t have a background in the sample that I posted. I did the small diamonds first and then filled in the background. Lastly, I added the light blue long stitches to cover where two stitches of dark blue met.

This project is a big one. It’s 15 inches wide and will be 30 inches long when completed. I want to enjoy this piece, so I’m not hurrying through everything. It will take time to complete each motif across 15 inches, so this won’t move along as fast as the red rug which was only 5.5 inches by 9 inches. The motifs are all designed and laid out on graph paper. As I finish each section, I’ll take photos and then put the motif into my stitch software so I have a record of everything I have done. The one thing I didn’t do completely as I designed each motif was to decide the colors that would be in each one. I have notes for some of them. The small motifs (nose and diamond) will be predominantly natural. The large zigzag motifs will be predominantly dark blue. When it’s time to start a new motif, I want to look at the whole rug that is completed and decide what other colors or accent colors to use. I have lots of colors to work with. I think this is the best approach – letting the completed motifs help decide what colors to use next. Here is the rug as it looks right now. Boy, do I have a long way to go.



4 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #1

  1. You’re off to a great start. You are a brave lady to take on such a large project. Love the first pattern. Looks really great. Will there be a border around the whole rug?

  2. Liz asked about borders. The red Zemmour-style rug and this Middle Atlas rug don’t have borders around all four sides, just at the beginning and end. So these three bands will be repeated at the very end of the project – and then I’ll know that I”m done!

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