Blue Rug Progress #2

I’ve finished the first of the Nose motifs and I love the colors and the look of it. First I went through and did the Nose and the colored spacers between each motif. I used Natural, Nutmeg, and Ahoy blue for this part. If your sharp eyes have noticed that the two blue sections are not the same size, that’s because the pattern wouldn’t come out right if they were all the same. I needed four more stitches to complete the row neatly, so I made the blue stripes over 4 stitches at the beginning and end of the row and also for the middle two stripes. The other four stripes are over three stitches. Neatly balanced.

Nose#1StartThen I went back across the row and filled in the triangles above and below the Nose.I added a touch of the light True Blue here.

Nose#1EndHere is the rug as it looks right now. Only 3 inches of the total rug completed, but I’m very pleased with the results so far. I’ll be adding a four stitch plain border next, to separate the motifs. Then I’ll start work on the first of the three zigzag motifs. The zigzags are more complex and will take several days.



4 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #2

  1. Beautiful! I’m so impressed! I love the way the Spratt’s Heads (I think) look in the triangles. This is going to be a great piece!

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