Blue Rug Progress #3

Thank goodness for sample stitching! I started working on the first of the zigzag motifs this week and couldn’t remember how I did the Comb motif that forms the squares. Started the first  zigzag and knew it wasn’t right and ripped it out. Got out the sample, counted stitches, started again. One of the little squares wasn’t a square. I quickly found the mistake and then it was smooth sailing after that. so I did all the squares in Natural first. then I added the dark blue in the triangles above and below the comb squares. You can also see the small band that separates this motif from the last one.

CombZigzagNext I filled all the little squares with True Blue and Latte. The last step was to complete the triangles with a variety of colors, including a touch of Citron yellow showing through.


The rug is now 5 inches long. Still a long way to go. Here’s the rug so far.



4 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #3

  1. Jan, this is so beautiful. You must be having such a wonderful time stitching it. Every new stripe is an adventure! Good job!

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