Blue Rug Progress #6

The photo below is the motif I was supposed to work on next, the last of the smaller motifs. It just didn’t work out. It didn’t have nice, easy straight lines that could be documented easily in a stitch guide. And, as you can see, I didn’t have the background filled in either. That background became a nightmare. So I ripped out what I had done on Saturday night and went back to the drawing board.

lastsmMotifI looked at the Middle Atlas rugs again and played with motifs on graph paper. Deciding I didn’t like any of them, there was only one thing to do – create a motif on my own that would be similar to the two Nose motifs that are completed and would work with the rest of the rug. On Sunday night, I started stitching again. Here is the first part of the motif. I used what I am now calling Jan’s Sprat stitch to make the diamonds. You can also see the next plain band that separates the motifs, in Cafe au Lait this time.

JanSpratDiamondThen I filled in the interior diamond with Latte and Natural. The triangles were treated differently this time. I alternated True Blue and Ahoy across the row. After fighting with this motif for two days, I’m glad I ripped out the original version and created this new one. I think it looks much better and it fits nicely with the other motifs that are completed.

JanSpratEndI’ve scrolled the rug now, so I can’t take a picture of the whole rug as it is today. It’s now 11 inches long. Next up is the triple border that will separate this motif from the largest of the zigzag motifs. That motif will be the middle of the rug.



2 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #6

  1. Congrats! Great solution! Your new motif is much better than the one that looks like flowers and it fits in with the other patterns better too.
    OH BOY, almost to the center!!

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