Blue Rug Progress #7

Today is the triple border. This band will be stitched on each side of the zigzag motif in the middle of the rug. I used Nutmeg for the plain bands and did not stitch over them with another color as I did in all the other separator bands. Between them I did rows of basketweave in Natural. Then I added the small motif on top of it.

TripleBorderThen I decided to put the rug on stretcher bars. It’s hard to work with, but I was worried about all the scrolling and what it would do to the long stitches I’ve used throughout this project. At least now, I can once again show you the whole rug in each post. So here is the rug so far – about 12 inches long. I’m working on the center zigzag now and it will be a couple of days before it’s done. Part one is finished, but there is a lot of filling in to do.



2 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #7

  1. Simply gorgeous!!! Don’t you wish you could just blink, and the whole thing would be done? But, to quote Leonard Woolf (husband of English novelist Virginia Woolf), “It’s the journey, not the arrival, that matters.”

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