Blue Rug Progress #8

I finally reached the middle of the rug. You haven’t seen this motif yet – so look at the original motif from the rug first. It’s a busy and complicated design inside the zigzags, so it’s taken a while to get something that I like.

lgzigzag3I started by doing squares in Natural and then the zigzag in dark blue. That was the easy part and it was done quickly. 

LgZigzag1Filling in the zigzag took a lot of time as it had three separate designs. The little squares were the most time-consuming. I used Latte, Citron, and Ahoy. The diamond shape above and below the zigzag was filled with a border of Coffee Bean then triangles of Ahoy and True Blue. The triangles along the upper and lower border were done in Sprat’s Head using two colors – Cafe au Lait and True Blue. I’m pleased with the look of this last new motif.

LgZigzag2So I’ve now reached the middle of the rug and it’s just over 15 inches. Since it’s on stretcher bars now, you can see how the entire rug looks.

BlueRugProg#8Next, I’ll stitch the triple border again and slowly work my way through all the motifs a second time – in reverse order. I’ll continue to post twice a week so you can see how things are going. My original thought was it would be finished in April, probably by the 10th or so. Right now, I think I might be able to get this done by the end of the month. Time to start thinking about what I will work on next in my study of Berber and Moroccan art.


6 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #8

  1. Oh, Jan–it’s just beautiful! You really outdid yourself on the middle motif! Each motif stands on its own but blends so well with the others. Soothing colors for a bedroom, too!

  2. WOW! This is going to be fabulous. Each band is beautiful. You’re going to be very busy finishing by the end of the month, but I must say I can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. The work on this is just exquisite!! I am curious, will you make your adapted pattern available when you are complete? I would LOVE to stitch this!! I greatly enjoy the colors too.

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