Blue Rug Progress #10

I’m an organizer, a planner. I’m not a good estimater. Despite my bests efforts to order enough thread to complete this rug, I’ve run out of one of my colors. At the LNS the only Silk & Ivory color they didn’t have was (you guessed it) the one I am out of. I ordered it online on Thurs. afternoon, it was mailed Fri. and should be here Monday.

With one color missing from my threads, I decided to continue on my way and get as much done without that color as I could. Here are the two motifs I’ve been working on since the last post. The Little Squares Zigzag is done except for the middle of zigzag. I need the stitches in light brown before I can do the light blue stitches. The light blue separator band is done, but doesn’t have the zigzag stitch over it (uses the same light brown). I’ve started the Nose Variation #2. I’ll finish it today by stitching the remaining areas with cappuccino and outlining the blue diamonds with yellow. Then I”ll repeat the last of the zigzag motifs. 

BlueProgress10AHere’s my progress so far. When these two motifs are completed, the rug will be about 23 inches long. I’m still hoping to have it done by the end of the month. That’s gives me just over a week and I think that’s doable.



3 responses to “Blue Rug Progress #10

  1. Even the partial bands look wonderful! You’re so close! Don’t feel badly about running out of thread: Silk & Ivory is like the Energizer Bunny of threads–it keeps going and going and going–but eventually one does run out!

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