Atlas Blue Rug Finale

16 days to design the motifs and do a sample stitch of each.

Exactly 5 weeks (35 days) to stitch.

Time just flew on this project and I can’t believe I completed it so quickly. Here is the original rug that I used for inspiration. When you compare the two rugs, you’ll be able to see the motifs I used.

blueruginspThe rug is not as long as I thought it would be (I can stitch but I can’t do numbers?). It’s 15.5 inches tall and 28.5 inches long. In all I used 20 skeins of Silk & Ivory. I actually used a little bit more, but had to rip out a couple areas when things didn’t go according to plan.

BlueRugFinalOn my screen the colors look very accurate. I put it on the landing of the staircase, went up one step, and leaned over to get a bird’s-eye view. 

This came together so quickly for me. When I study a rug (or other piece of art), I pick out motifs that I like and might work together and ideas and stitches just pop into my head. Like the Rhodes zigzag (the first of the zigzag in this rug). When I saw the little squares in the middle, I knew I had to use the Rhodes stitch. Creating the little Comb motif around them took a little longer. The same little triangles appeared in many places, but I wanted a different combination of stitches each time I had to fill in a triangle area. Those came to me quickly, without too much thinking or trial and error. The hardest motif was the center zigzag. This was repeated twice in the center of the original rug. That’s the only motif where I had to play and try out 3 or 4 different ideas before I was satisfied. I enjoy choosing the colors for a project and it was easy with  this project because it had to match our master bedroom.

I’m very pleased with this project and can’t wait to get it framed and hung in the master bedroom. Since my husband “commissioned” this piece, he can’t wait to get it framed as well. He’s thrilled.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey! Now I need to take a few days off from stitching, get the needlepoint room back in order, and decide what’s next in my study of Moroccan art. And I have stitch guides to write too.


8 responses to “Atlas Blue Rug Finale

  1. It has been a real pleasure to take this journey with you. The finished piece is stunning, I’m sure it will be really exciting getting it back from the framers and hung

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this journey. Each step you posted made me want to see the finished piece even more and I certainly was not disappointed. It is spectacular.

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  4. My name is Oriana and I am an Italian embroidery.
    My English is not good, I use the translator, I hope you understand me.
    I wanted to make compliments for your wonderful work and your creativity. Tu continues to make me dream. I love the very different points that you use in your work. Thanks again. Greetings from Italy.

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