New Website Plan

In a previous post, I told you I was working on a new website. It’s coming along, but won’t be ready till the end of April. I thought I would share my vision with you today. 

What I want to do is a whole site related to Adapting Art to Needlepoint. I will gradually build it up as a resource for anyone interested in adapting art to needlepoint. I will include information on:

    What is adaptation

    Where to look for inspiration – links to websites and books on the topic

    Doing the research

    How to select motifs

    Ways to adapt the motifs, such repeating, combining, subtracting, etc.    

    Choosing your colors

    Determining what stitches to use

I will be writing articles about each of these steps and a second sets of articles about my Moroccan adaptations to illustrate each step. I hope this grows over time to cover many types of art (pottery, rugs, ceramics, tiles, etc.) from cultures all over the world.

I’d love to hear your opinions and ideas. What would you like to see? What cultures are you interested in? Leave a comment here or send me email using the email link in the right column.


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