9-Patch Quilt – Progress #2

I said I would be showing this needlepoint quilt about once a month as I got individual squares done.

Our challenge this month was to create a mini 9-Patch quilt to go in one of the squares. That makes for tiny squares indeed. I played with it for a while and came up with this design.

Mini9patchI decided to put the separator border only on the four corners, so the other five squares could be just a little bit bigger. And I only used white as part of the design in the center square. Different, but I like it.

Here is the 9-Patch so far. Two squares are completely done and the third one is almost half done. I’ll try to finish it tonight. Then it gets to rest for the rest of the month until we’re given a new challenge for next month. And no, there is no particular reason they were placed in a diagonal line. I just didn’t want the two outside designs (which are both mine and everyone in our chapter can use) to be next to each other. So they had to be in corners and I just happened to put them as far away from each other as I could.



2 responses to “9-Patch Quilt – Progress #2

  1. Hi! I’m a new reader of your blog and a long-time needlepointer of about 30-some years. I’ve been cross stitching for a couple of years, and need to get back to my needlepointing roots!! I just love your piece with the quilting designs. Great work and such good patterns, too.

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