Blue Pillow Plan

I’ve started thinking about designs for a couple of pillows to go with the blue rug in our master bedroom. I want to use the same threads as the rug, but I don’t necessarily need to use the same patterns. I came up with this very simple Moroccan design – a variation of the 8-point star surrounded by an octagon. This pattern is very common in Morocco and other Arab countries.

Pillpw#1DesignThe star is created by placing two squares on top of each other and then rotating the bottom one 45 degrees. I started by stitching the top square using the Milanese stitch. I’ve only completed the first pass at this point, in the dark blue color.

PillowCenterI will work on the rest of this square tomorrow, using a medium brown color. Then I can add the points for the underlying square in a lighter blue. The background will be the Natural color. The outline will be a darker brown. I haven’t decided on the other stitches yet, so we’ll see what develops.


3 responses to “Blue Pillow Plan

  1. This will be interesting – I look forward to it! Many times the simple design is the most attractive as an accessory. It will complement the rug design without distracting.

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