Blue Rug on 18 ct

I’ve been thinking about the blue rug on 18 ct canvas. I decided to test different kinds of thread on 18 ct. to see what would look good. I’m using what I have in my stash, but there is some variety there. First up was Sheep’s Silk from Thread Gatherer (never tried overdyes with the rug motifs before). This thread works well, but is a little more wool-like than the Silk & Ivory. I like overdyes and this type of thread would definitely make an interesting rug. Here’s what it looks like:

sheepsilkrugThen I tried some Vineyard Silk, which is beautiful to work with. I’d love to do a rug with this thread. It has a large number of colors and is soft and easy to handle. I didn’t have many colors in my stash, so this doesn’t have a good range of colors, but you get the idea. Beautiful, rich colors. I would have to add more shades of red, yellow, etc. to have more options as I work on motifs.


Okay, you may not have a lot of money to invest in a large project. The blue rug cost me over $100 just in thread. So what would a rug look like if I did it only in cotton? I had to find out. The easiest would be to do the whole rug in #5 perle cotton. No need to worry about how many strands to use, etc. So I pulled some perle and created another one. It has some shine, like the silk and I think it would hold up very well over time. It makes a good alternative to some of the more expensive threads.


Then I thought about Trio. This is the strandable wool/silk from Brown Paper Packages, the maker of Silk & Ivory. My LNS doesn’t carry this thread, so I couldn’t get any to work with at this time. I’m sure it would be just as wonderful too. I went to their website and did my thing with the multiple open windows, etc. and came up with two color schemes that I love.

colors1colors2Now you know my three favorite color combinations. First is the blue/brown combo, where I added rust and yellow accents. Then the teal/rust combo, with just a touch of magenta and maybe a gold. And last the green/wine comb , with accents in rose and yellow.  You’ll notice that there is a very light color (a neutral) in each set. I really like the Nose motif done in a very light color to set it off with all the other colors around it. If I decide to do another large size rug, I would probably go with the teal/rust. It does remind me of Morocco – the sand and all that.

When I start on the stitch guide for the blue rug, I’ll do a sample rug (about 1/4 of the design) in perle cotton (using the colors above) to get an idea of how much thread it would take to make the rug. On 18 count canvas, it would be about 11″ x 21.” I have three other stitch guides to write this month, so I’ll put this away for right now and pick it up again in May.

What do all of you think? Which kind of thread would you choose? Would you use 13 ct. or 18 ct canvas? And I’d love to hear what color combinations you would use – which two main colors and what accent colors.


3 responses to “Blue Rug on 18 ct

  1. Jan —

    Trio might be perfect for an 18 mesh rug. Because it’s three strands of Silk & Ivory spun together, each strand is slightly compressed, so it fits 18 mesh a bit better.

    I have some in my stash (not the right colors though) which I can send you to try out.
    Let me know.

    Keep Stitching,

  2. I like using floss rather than perle in this case, as I don’t care for the twisted “ropy” effect. The way I thread the needle with floss eliminates the plies pulling loose – they lie perfectly flat. I like your color schemes!! I’m using more and more cotton these days, as I find it looks almost as fine as silk – and far less costly.

  3. I’ve never tried the Trio, so I can’t comment on that. I would use 18-count. I might try it with Pearl and Watercolors (I like overdyes). I like your teal/rust combo, of course!

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