Choosing Colors for a Project

I like Laura Perin Designs ( and have stitched several over the last year. When I saw this pattern last year – Starry Nights – I knew I had to stitch it for myself. I loved the colors that Laura used.

starrynightsLaura calls this a Color Study, so I decided to change the colors to do a little studying of my own. You start with an overdyed thread and then pick colors from that thread to create the design. Laura also suggested putting in one color that was not in the overdye, as an accent or surprise. Laura used green for the surprise color in her stitched design above. I decided to stitch this on Congress Cloth instead of 18 ct. canvas, so the threads I selected were floss, perle cotton #8, and Kreinik #4 braid. I started with my overdye.

dsc_0298This is Wildflowers from Needle Necessities (1062 – Pastel Sunset from ThreadWorX). I wanted to use yellow as the main color, but there aren’t a lot of shades of yellow and it would be hard to tell them apart in the piece (light and medium just look too much alike). I picked the blue-green as the main color and added yellow, rose, and a touch of peach. Then I needed my surprise color – I picked orchid.

dsc_0296This design is done in two passes. The first pass puts in the main quilt designs. The second pass fills in around them. I enjoyed stitching this and like the color combination. I don’t do much stitching with yellow, but now that it’s done I think I’ll call it “Sunny Days” as a compliment Laura’s design. It’s fun to see it come alive as you stitch. When you start, you’re not sure exactly how it will look when it’s done (if you change colors like I did), so it keeps you moving to see what will happen next.



4 responses to “Choosing Colors for a Project

  1. I never cared much for this Perin design, but in your colors it is super! Maybe I’ll have to give it a try afterall. I love changing colors & enjoying the surprise. Good job!

  2. Love your version of Starry Nights – I’m just about to start my own using Laura’s colours, but might just have to do what you’ve done to stitch it a second time! This time when I stitch it, I’m going to look at the floss and the relationships between the colours, and their distribution in the design as I’m not good at visualising that kind of thing. That’ll help me to work out how to do it in my own colours!

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