A New Needlepoint Tile Coaster

Time for the third needlepoint coaster based on Moroccan design. Here is the tile pattern that I selected to adapt.

arabesque5It’s an edge pattern, but I decided to create a coaster based on it. I started with the complete motif in the center of the image above. I used an overdye floss for the squares and a lighter shade for the small triangles. (This came together very quickly on Monday and I forgot to take photos along the way. So what you see in the first two photos is a second one I started in a different color.)

dsc_0303Since I wanted to create a square pattern for a coaster, I expanded on this small motif by repeating the center (four diamond shapes together) in all four directions. That game me a cross shape. I then added the four diamond shape to the four corners as well. This is what it looked like at that point.

dsc_0304The first thought I had when I got to this point – it looks like a small flower garden. I should try this with bright flower colors and green to fill in the spaces. Maybe on the next version.

The centers are square, so I filled in with a large Scotch which is 8 stitches square. I marked where the border would have to be to make a three inch square for a coaster and found I had room to continue the squares around the outside edge with a little filler stitch over the points of each diamond cluster. Then I added a double border using the lighter color from the triangles and a much darker shade for the last border. This is the finished version, done in the terra cotta colors.

dsc_0302I’ll go ahead and finish the blue version and then try the “flower” version. I’ll post photos when they’re done.

The original tile has been rolling around in my head for several months. Monday, I pulled the threads and started and it was done by evening. Sometimes everything just works out and I don’t have to rethink any of it. It’s nice to have a new project that didn’t require any ripping!


3 responses to “A New Needlepoint Tile Coaster

  1. This is great! I especially like the way the “filler” stitches look – they really give it character. Please do more of this sort of thing (in your spare time) LOL

  2. Thank you very much for showing us your ‘design process’. I recently read all the way through the “back pages” of you site about how you worked with the Moroccan carpet design. It is really intereting and helpful. I do different things but my “process” is just like yours and I find that reassuring. Perhaps because your work is so stunning!

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