A New Laura Perin and Colors

Laura Perin came to our ANG Chapter meeting this month and I was happy to finally meet her. She lives only 15 miles from me. She assisted us in starting her piece called Ribbons of Harmony. We had a list of the threads she used for the project, but were encouraged to pick out our own colors. It was fun to go around the room and see all the different color combinations that people are going to be using. You can see Laura’s patterns on her website at http://laurajperindesigns.tripod.com/index.htm   This pattern is listed under Samplers.

This month we’re just working on the borders. I chose this set of threads for the project.

dsc_0305I’ll use the apricot colors for the borders around the outside of the project and the borders for the ribbons that will be stitched on the inside. The outside border is just about done, using only perle cotton #5.

dsc_0306At our next meeting we’ll work with Laura to create all the ribbons. As you can see from the threads I chose, the ribbons will have lots of olive green. Most of the greens are metallic ribbons. Petite Very Velvet is suggested as one thread to use but I couldn’t find a green that would go with the ribbons I had selected.. We’ll have to see what I come up with for that part of the design. I’ll post again when the piece is completed next month.

Now back to stitch guides and ideas for a new Moroccan rug.


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