More Arabesque Needlepoint Tile Colors

I always want to try at least three color combinations when I create a new coaster design. You saw this version of Arabesque last week.

dsc_0302These are traditional Moroccan floor colors. But I wanted to try other colors as well. I started with a dark blue overdye cotton floss and added white around the blue tiles and a dark red accent on the border. 

dsc_0308When I started this tile design, I said that it looked like a little flower garden. So the third version of the design is done with an overdye in olive green and two shades of rose. It’s from Needle Necessities and is called Hydrangea. I manipulated the colors as I stitched. I would start one of the flowers. When the thread changed to olive, I would stitch the little triangles between the flowers. Sometimes, I cut the thread to give me more of the rose colors. The background was done in a light olive green. Again, all the threads are cotton.

dsc_0307Just changing the colors makes a big difference in the finished piece. Just let your imagination drive what colors you choose. This could easily be done in solid colors as well – four or five colors. You could make the flowers several different colors or shade the flowers to be light on one side and darker on the other side.

This design plus two other Moroccan coasters designs that I’ve shown on the blog before will be in the next Stitch Guide that I’m working on right now. It should be available by next week. Then I’ll do another set of three patchwork designs. I’ll post here when they are ready.


3 responses to “More Arabesque Needlepoint Tile Colors

  1. HI. I love these designs! they are so cool. Ansley and I want to visit you this summer. Maybe we could learn to needlepoint or stitch. (These are my granddaughters visiting the blog for the first time. Looks like we may have some new members soon to our needlepoint family!)

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